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Not to get away from talking about the former ‘political power couple’

…but I found this story today rather disturbing:

The head of Canada’s National Investigation Service says he didn’t know about a federal court ruling that found there were legitimate concerns Canadian-transferred detainees were heading into possible torture. Lt.-Col. Gilles Sansterre, commanding officer of the military’s investigation service, told the Military Police Complaints Commission he doesn’t know the 2008 ruling by Justice Anne MacTavish

Er.. how does someone in his position not “know” about a major federal court ruling on that particular topic? If he didn’t read about it in the news, I’d presume someone in the federal government should have been making him aware, or is this another case of the government and officials averting their eyes and trying to ignore this, in the hopes it would go away?

The one thing that the Helena/Rahim story may do is possibly sidetrack – at least temporarily – the Afghan detainee documents issue, which may or may not be a good thing for the government, depending on what further info we find out about what caused Harper to do a 360 degree turn from defending his minister to calling the cops on her in a mtater of 24 hrs.

I’m hoping the opposition parties don’t stay too fixated on this, and that they bring forth their official rebuttals to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s address to the Speaker on his contention that the Conservative government is not in contempt of Parliament as soon as possible.

UPDATE @ 3:54pm: And the rebuttals are indeed being done today.


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  • Sansterre said he would have needed names, dates, locations and precise descriptions of the abuse to start investigating.

    Aren’t those precisely the details he would hope to find out by, you know, investigating?

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