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Rumour: Shelly Glover to replace Guergis this weekend? (UPDATE!)

So a Liberal associate of mine has passed along that the rumor mill going on at “the Hill” in some quarters is that the embattled Helena Guergis will be removed (or possibly “resign”, nudge, wink) this weekend, and that Shelly Glover would take her position in Cabinet.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Shelly Glover, I can point you to a few articles on her that have appeared recently in a couple media outlets.

My view is, if this is true, and Glover is indeed the replacement, I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, because she looks like another accident waiting to happen. Her over-the-top partisan rhetoric (which makes me consider her to be the Conservative female version of Pierre Poilievre) will of course thrill the Conservative Kool-Aid crowd, but then, so did Guergis’s rhetoric and actions at one time, and look where that adoration got her.

UPDATE: I note that as of this posting, Harper is hosting a press conference in less then half an hour – topic not announced. We’ll see soon if it has anything to do with the preceding rumour.

UPDATE @ 12:20 pm: Just been reading a Twitter note from a Liberal Hill staffer that Helena Guergis “resigned”. We’ll wait for official confirmation, but if true, I’m hardly surprised that Harper wouldn’t officially “fire her” – he wouldn’t want to make himself look bad for picking her in the first place and then having to fire her, now would he?

UPDATE 2 @ 12:32pm: From CBC reporter Rosemary Barton’s Twitter page comes this:

RT @CBCPolitics: CBC News has learned that Harper’s press conference scheduled for 12:40 ET will announce departure of Minister of State Helena Guergis.

The only thing left will be who replaces her, if true.

UPDATE 3 @ 12:56 pm: The PM is late for his press conference (nothing new), but here is the text of the resignation letter that Helena apparently sent the PM. Note that she says that she will continue to “serve” her constituents in Simcoe-Grey. Her constituents may not now be so willing to continue to let her “serve” them after the next election. This seat/riding is now a prime pick-up opportunity for the Liberals.

UPDATE 4 @ 1:05 pm: WOW! Guergis is out of caucus as well, due to “serious allegations about her conduct”, which were referred to the ethics commissioner and the RCMP. And the replacement is Rona Ambrose, not Shelly Glover.

May I also be so bold as to state Simcoe-Grey as a riding is now in play for the Liberals – whose candidate by the way is Andrea Matrosovs.


11 comments to Rumour: Shelly Glover to replace Guergis this weekend? (UPDATE!)

  • RamaraMan

    The battle for Simcoe-Grey is for who will win the CPC nomination. The PM will not back Miss Helena and therefore Guergis will not win re-nomination in the riding. Simcoe-Grey is a lock for the CPC. That you can take to the bank!

    • Jon Pertwee

      @RamaraMan, sure. You make an unqualified statement that you punctuate with a cliche and we’re supposed to take that as fact. You Conbots really are stupid sometimes.

  • ck

    Rona Ambrose is taking her place temporarily and I hear she is still an MP for Simcoe-Grey…

    Steve knows he could lose that seat in a by election at a time he can ill-afford to lose any seats.

  • Red Forever

    What happens to the $880,000 house in Rockcliffe.

    Me thinks I see a for sale, sign in front of it in the not too distant future.

  • Northern PoV

    “I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, because she looks like another accident waiting to happen”

    As a fellow Liberal partisan I of course understand and echo that sentiment …

    but look how low we all have sunk under this evil regime

    I believe the PMO boys chuckled when they appointed an (apparently) air-headed beauty queen to protect women’s interests in Canada. They got what they deserved… but what about Canadian women??

    And while we hope that the antics of these scalawags will wake up somnolent swing voters to finally swing back in abhorrence …. in the meantime all progressive initiatives get sunk by narrow minded ideologues ….

  • bull caller

    Guergis is toast, and likely will be collecting EI after the next election to be sure. Cons will conduct a nomination process and likely ramp up a candidate quickly – the libs do have an opportunity there for sure.

    I find it interesting that Harper conveniently ‘accepts a resignation’ when the RCMP get involved, yet does nothing for months preceeding this. The ‘master tactician’ and ‘control freak’ must have been in knots over this, but the announced appointment of another under-performing, useless minister to the job in Rona Ambrose is unsurprising and shows a rather glaring fact about the conservative party. That fact is they have no quality female members of caucus to fill critical ministerial positions. Women are so woefully under represented by this government we have the likes of Guergis, Gallant, and Glover… yeesh, the three stooges.

    The capabilities of the conservative members of parliament, with the exception of a precious few are abysmal and debase the standards we as voters set for our elected officials.

  • John

    Wow, out of caucus? You think she’ll run as an independent? If so, the riding is definitely in play for the Liberals, if not it would still be very much a long shot even with the strong candidate the Liberals have.

    In 2006, Guergis won the riding by 19% and in 2008 she won the riding by 33% (with 55% of the vote to 21.9% for the Liberals). That’s a very high vote margin to overcome.

    I suspect Harper feels that the Conservatives would lose the riding if Guergis ran because she’s so damaged politically but that if anyone else ran they’d retain it. We’ll see. While Guergis is “temporarily” out of caucus, expect the Cons to call a nomination promptly or just appoint a supposed star so that even if Guergis does come back, she’ll not be able to run under the party banner in the next election.

  • Big Winnie

    Let me see, it’s a Friday, the House isn’t sitting and Guergis “resigns”. I’d say that is the typical CON method for performing “dirty work” and doubt Guergis “resigned” but is being pushed out the door.

  • Guest

    Please let it be Cheryl Gallant. Please, oh pretty please.

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