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I don’t want an ex-Star Trek actor as Canada’s next Governor-General

I could easily be blogging about the new revelations surrounding ex-Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer this AM, but since everyone else is doing it, (the “busty hookers” seems to be getting more attention out of that story then the actual revelations), I thought I’d rant about something different.

It seems a “movement” has started up on Facebook asking our Prime Minister to appoint William Shatner – he of the Star Trek movies and Travelocity commercials, and a weird sketch at the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics – to be the next Governor-General of Canada once Michaelle Jean’s term runs out in a few months.

My reaction? Ugh. My 2nd reaction? No.

My 3rd reaction is if you want a Governor-general who has actual qualifications for the job, and actual accomplishments, then I agree with this article over at Macleans – the no-brainer choice for the pick is former Canadian General John De Chastelain – who is known for among other things being credited as the major reason there is peace in Northern Ireland today. You can read the Macleans piece for the rest of his resume.

Perhaps the “movement” to draft Shatner is slightly tongue-in-cheek, but if for some bizarre reason he were to be picked, then the institution of Governor-General is in a sad state of affairs.


7 comments to I don’t want an ex-Star Trek actor as Canada’s next Governor-General

  • M.Hunt

    GEN. LEWIS MACKENZIE !! he’s loyal, credible, honest, practical, with insight into his country, a head that wouldn’t be turned by perks, intolerance for empty political ‘correctness’….. best of all, he’s not a visible minority liberal female airhead. Ten years of those is enough!! This is a marvelous, no-nonsense man with proper priorities…. WELL qualified on every front and would do Canada proud.

  • Al

    Is it April Fools Day?

  • How about Sarek of Vulcan, or Troi’s mother? Both have diplomatic credentials.

  • Hammer

    David Suzuki

  • slg

    I don’t want an athlete, actor or celebrity.

    Considering the times and the total lack of understanding of our system by Canadians, as used by Harper, we need a Constitutional and parliamentary expert.

    Each GG has a special mission.

    I think we’re way overdue for enlightening Canadian citizens.

  • the rat

    Scott, the “institution” of Governor General has been a sad state of affairs since the beginning. Appointed Lords from England were followed by political hacks receiving pay-offs and they were followed by serial CBC “personalities” whose qualifications were that they were popular, female, bilingual, & of the correct political suasion. Shatner can’t be any worse than a self-aggrandizing intellectual lightweight and her oh so modest poet husband. Or an obscure Quebec TV personality and her separatist husband. As far as I know Shatner doesn’t have a spouse.

    De Chastelain would be good too.

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