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Another brick removed from the wall of secrecy surrounding Afghan detainees

This document hardly makes the Conservative government look good. To paraphrase the article, (since I continue to refuse to directly quote the CBC news articles while they have that iCopyright scheme in place), the Conservative government was warned last year that our relationship with the Afghanistan government’s intelligence agency was not only risky, but possibly illegal.. and this warning was delivered while Canadian officials were defending the relationship.

Reports like this continues to suggest that the reason that the Conservative government continue to refuse to turn over unredacted Afghanistan detainee documents is less to do with national security, and more to do with at a minimum trying to prevent acute political embarrassment/political damage, and at worse, prevent showing documents that expose possible violations of international law/war crimes.

The opposition parties will deliver their rebuttal to Justice Minister Robert Nicholson’s address to Parliament next week (where he asked the Speaker to put aside the opposition parties question of privilege on the supremacy of Parliament issue). Rumor is that Derek Lee, who will respond for the Liberals, will be issuing a quite detailed rebuttal. Here’s hoping that the Speaker will not allow this government to continue to stonewall, and will assert the Supremacy of Parliament stands.


4 comments to Another brick removed from the wall of secrecy surrounding Afghan detainees

  • Joan Richard

    The trouble with lying is that you get caught in your own web. By denying knowledge in the beginning, it is very difficult to give credence to the statements now that they have been “rigorously” dealing with the problem all along. The lie is just getting bigger and bigger.

  • TofKW

    If these attempts to get at the truth fail then the International Criminal Court will get involved directly. As a signatory to the ICC we are bound to investigate ourselves – failing that they take over. Harper can bullshit his way past the media and public here, but I doubt The Hague will be dissuaded.

  • If these attempts to get at the truth fail, I hope Wikileaks gets their hands on it all.

  • Big Winnie

    If the government was transparent, accountable and had nothing to hide/had dirt on the previous government, the unredacted docs would have been made available to the committee. Since they haven’t and won’t be without a “fight”, I hope the Speaker will rule in favour of the Question of Privilege brought forward by Derek Lee et al…

    As to your point about National security Scott, I’d contend that there have been unredacted docs that have been released, in the past, by the government to the “media” and therefore, makes their arguement about national security redundant

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