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If you’re reading the Monday edition of the Hill Times..’ll apparently see the next C.R.U.S.H ad (Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper) placed in there somewhere. It appears it will be the same ad as has been placed in other media recently.

I hate to harp on this at the CRUSH folks, since I think they’re doing a great job, and I applaud their membership which is obviously very dedicated to donating to the cause to help get their message out, but again, I think if you want to maximize your message’s impact, you need to get this out into the smaller-market news media chain (like Osprey Media as an example).

Putting an ad like this in the Hill Times certainly will draw attention and publicity – particularly from the media and from some hill political observers, which is great – but unfortunately, small-town Canada probably doesn’t read the Hill Times that much. It’s time to get that ad campaign in smaller newspapers with local reach (and I assume cheaper local ad rates).

Oh, and Happy Easter to everyone, whether you’re religious, or non-religious, or somewhere in between.


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  • Scott, did you catch this link from the CAPP wall yesterday morning. I thought it an interesting read and wondered your thoughts?

    The end of anonymity on the Web?

    Court ruling could unmask anonymous posts on Internet

    By Don Butler, The Ottawa Citizen

    OTTAWA – In a case with implications for online privacy and free expression, a panel of Ottawa judges is considering whether websites named in libel actions should be required to identify people who post anonymous defamatory comments.


  • Cindy Lee

    There is no obligation on the part of CRUSH to answer any questions or allegations. Any requested information may be obtained through proper channels. My father always said… “Don’t piss on a skunk.”

  • To whom it may concern.
    CRUSH is currently listed as a sole proprietorship responsible for paying taxes on earnings after expenses. We are not a political organization nor have affiliation with any political organization. Nor have we or intend to donate to any political organization. The tax filings will be the same as any sole proprietorship complying with all laws.

    • Jeromie

      @Billy Nobels,

      Hoooooooooooooooooooold on.

      AFTER expenses? AFTER?

      Sir, you have just treaded into deep deep waters with that answer. You have just effectively said that not all money is going to advertising, AND that you are only going to claim surpluses on your tax forms. That my friend is tax evasion.

      And ummmmm, you’re NOT a political organization? You mean to tell me, that your organization, which has a website called unseatharper and whose acronym stands for “Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper” isn’t a political action group? “Canadians Rallying” indicates a group of people coming together “Unseat Harper” indicates a a political action, you put those two things together, and you are a political action group.

      You change your answer every single time to fit your needs, and this time, you have effectively just pulled the rug out from underneath your feet.

      If CRUSH is not a political action group, then what exactly is it?

      • @Jeromie, if you have such an issue with CRUSH or with their replies to you, and you don’t like them, why don’t you go issue a complaint to someone in authority to investigate it, rather then leaving comments on my website blog and complaining all the time?

  • Maureen Sanders

    All of these labels can be applied to your friends Jeromie. Many on CAPP are now seeing this too. There’s no point in debating this further.

  • Maureen Sanders

    Just wondering whether Sean, in his *helpful* enquiries at the Metro, asked permission of his contact to post all of his *findings* -in quotes even- in several public forums?

    As for enquiries into cyber-bullying I have numerous saved threads from the early days of Sean and Jennifer’s attacks on CRUSH at CAPP that would be very helpful in such an enquiry. And it would sure be useful to get a professional perspective on what cyber-bullying actually is, instead of having to endure the constant hysterical accusations about it.

    Sounds like you found a good pal in Jeromie you two. Now you can all stew together about the terrible work of CRUSH.

    As for the rest of us, we’ll just keep using our own hard-earned money, and without the benefit of tax deductions, to donate according to our conscience and to our belief in this cause.

    • Jeromie

      @Maureen Sanders,
      How come no one ever responds to the fact that CRUSH is listed as a business, and the SOLE proprietor can actually benefit on his taxes from donations being made to a political action organization.

      Does CRUSH intend to claim the earnings on a T4, or as income?

      Or is it simply laundering the money through a business license?

      • Maureen Sanders

        @Jeromie, I don’t have the answers to these questions.
        No-one ever responds to the question we have asked many times of why Jennifer and Sean continue to attack CRUSH at any and every opportunity they can find.

      • Lexy

        @Jeromie, Jeromie, I find it difficult to understand what you are getting at. The purpose of CRUSH isn’t to earn income. I don’t know the details of the registration but I am familiar enough with both business practice and NGOs to presume that registering the name as a sole proprietorship was the simplest and cheapest way to get the job done. Incorporating, for this purpose (short term opposition to a particular political leader) would have been silly, very involved and very costly…pretty much eating up all of the funds that people like I would have donated. Somebody else said it before, and I agree, that I do not want to see my donations used to pay a lawyer for corporate work.

        Have you been a donor? Is this why you have concerns about accountability? Speaking of accountability, are you querying the Prime Minister with similar combativeness?

        • Jeromie

          I write the PM on a regular basis to be honest … and the Gov Gen.

          My concerns stem from a group that has been hostile, secretive, and combative when anyone asks a question. My increased need to be vocal stems from CRUSHers escalating the situation with mob bullying and slander to anyone even being the least bit curious.

          The only reason I continue to speak out, is because you all give me reason to with the way you are acting, and the lack of solid info you have to give.

  • Lexy

    In the interests of transparency, I would note for readers here that Jennifer and Sean are a husband and wife team.

    • Jeromie

      They sound like a pretty damn smart couple if you ask me.

    • @Lexy, Well, that would make sense, as an IP check of them reveals both of them are from the Kingston area.

      • Jeromie

        @Scott Tribe,
        Correct me if I am wrong or not Scott … but it seems to me that IP addresses are privileged information and the information you collect on them is actually a punishable offence if given out to people in any form.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Jeromie, Um, Jeromie the information in the previous post is about as damnable as saying Ontario has barns.

        • Lexy

          @Jeromie, Jeromie, Scott didn’t give out anything that is privileged, he merely remarked on the broad region where they live. It is a very large area.

  • Seán Daly

    So, I’ve spent 20 years working in newspaper advertising. Torstar, Sun Media, and the National Post for a good chunk of that. I actually offered to help these crush folks at the start…I came to my senses rather quickly. Anyway…contacted a friend at Metro about the cancelled edmonton crush ad…this was the response:

    “Oh I can tell you why! It’s because it came across as very extreme. We decide what gets accepted and what doesn’t. It sounded like some crazy extremist wrote it and unfortunately it would reflect on our paper. Then I think we did accept it because we found out the Star did…but I’m not 100% on that. I don’t know anything about costs.

    I hate Harper too…but that ad did seem a little over the top crazy…even to me. Layout and messaging is everything…it just wasn’t presented well.”

    Best to stay away from radical groups like that. Doesn’t take them much to turn on people.

  • Jennifer Allen

    Go Jeromie go. I would be delighted to help you in anyway I can. I would like to get them on the cyberbullying angle as well. I don’t believe I have ever been so badly treated as I have by these folks. I have saved a great deal of info and would be happy to share it with you.

  • Cindy Lee

    Hi Jeromie…
    We met on the CRUSH site the other night, and had a long exchange on the process of the reporting financial statements as it related to businesses, NGOs, & registered societies. I’ll repeat some of it here for those who may not have visited that page.

    Any registered business (such as CRUSH – which is a sole proprietorship) can carry on business. They may have a PO box for their legal address. This is common practice. In fact, many businesses have a number as their name, and are not trackable to a specific person. They may then put DBA (doing business as…) and then a name. (Just ask any family law lawyer about this one!!) Public e-mails are not required by law.

    The Books of any company, NGO, registered society, etc. can be viewed at the office of the business, the businesses accountant, or the businesses lawyer upon written request. All you need to do is make an appointment, and go to the location which the business has determined they want the books viewed (Legal address of accountant, or lawyer… or in the case of a registered society or NGO their treasurer/accountant). This is standard business practice. It is not recommended to send “books” via e-mail or the internet because if you want to see the books you need to see the real thing. If you wish to see the books you must travel to them. This may seem unfair or legalistic, but it keeps books in one location. Can you imagine if our financial institutions, or any any business for that matter lost their books in the mail? What chaos!! It also eliminates frivolous requests.I will repeat… this is standard business practice.

    You can request that CRUSH send you a statement in the mail, which I am sure they will be happy to do. I have found them to be most accommodating and indeed saw they had posted a statement on their site as a response to your request on a public social networking internet site. This is a highly public forum, and made it clear they have nothing to hide.

    I will suggest, Jeromie, that you may wish to be careful in your accusations, as some of your claims may be considered to be libelous and threatening. If they are not your words, but the words of another, then I would question if that person is really a friend.

    To CRUSH members, I would suggest that a further response to Jeromie on this site is neither necessary or nor recommended.

    • Jeromie

      @Cindy Lee,
      See? You bring up an issue and the CRUSH team swarms in and bullies you, then threatens you.

      Typical guilty actions.

      Libelous and threating language is when someone says something like “You’re a child molester and I’m going to put a bullet in your head” to another person.

      Asking questions, and stating my OPINION is called free speech, something CRUSH doesn’t understand or allow in its group.

      I’ve sent letters to the editors of all the publications CRUSH placed ads in, I’ve contacted CTV’s consumer watchdog program, I’ve opened a query with the branch of the Ontario government that deals with business licenses, AND just for fun, I think I might even call Revenue Canada to make sure that taxes are paid on all these earnings.

      I mean it IS a business drawing revenue, right?

      PS – I’m still in your little group, you just don’t know it yet 🙂

  • Mary

    You are right that all those working on C.R.U.S.H. are volunteers. Not one person has taken a penny for their work and we also cover our expenses ourselves and have not drawn a penny for any expenses we have had from working on C.R.U.S.H.
    We have however, drawn a great deal of satisfaction from the work we do, drawn a great deal of pleasure from the friends we have made and occasionally drawn upon some inner strength to deal with problems encountered 🙂

    • Lexy

      @Mary, Re the volunteer time – thanks, I thought so.

      A big thank you to all at C.R.U.S.H. for all they do!

  • LucyintheSky

    I want my small donation to CRUSH to go towards ads.
    Not to paying more lawyers and accountants to set up corporations and do fancy smoozy statements each month.
    Sole proprio is the cheapest way to go. Go for cheapest, it’s more money for ads.
    (see I always wondered what kind of minds it took to get this country into huge federal deficit…bunch of paperwork don’t necessarily mean more accountability, it means more folks like those profiteering along the way)

    Am smart enough to figure out if an ad in my area was worth my few bucks. My few bucks. *shrug* if you don’t want to give your few bucks, that’s your beeswax.
    But not a reason to knock folks down and call them criminals.

    Some of us don’t mind operating on a figurative handshake.

    And this is about a few bucks here and a few there. I wouldn’t expect fancier accounting than what I see when I drop a few bucks in the can at office for someone’s goodbye gift.Or for a hundred other things I’m asked for throughout a year. That is some form of “product” at the end.

    They are offering a certified statement at end of project? Bonus!!!. But honestly, I didn’t need it.
    If the expenses match the income…guess there is no profit.

    Tax benefit? give me a break, more of a headache I would think.
    One question comes to mind. Having run a business, I have a clue of what time is worth. I don’t see the time of Billy or the others who must be working on this. Are you charging a management fee Billy? What % of my (well and others) bucks do you guys expect to use to pay for your own services/hours you put in?

    I’d think it DAMN stupid if CRUSH divulged too much. Would not be very strategic under circumstances. I’d think it stupid if they didn’t block aggressive attackers or idiots obviously looking for a fight. I’d think it stupid if they handed the cons too much info. It seems that stupid they ain’t.

    @uijk…..dude….now WHO could be angry about this and who might gain an edge in attacking? Let me grab dathinkingcap.

    after all its just a group working to kickout of power a political figure who has many ties in the corporate world and friends who could lose advantages. Follow those bucks and there might just be clues. Ya think!

    • Lexy

      @LucyintheSky, Lucy, I am with you. I know that many charitable non-profits have flimsy accounting and accountability so being incorporated or registered as charitable org with Rev Cda still does not guarantee accountability. I know of a local non-profit whose board sneers when members, nevermind the public, ask questions about accounting and decision-making. In fact, it is a legal requirement to get annual audits done and they have not done so in ten years.

      So, it all boils down to individual honesty and I have not seen one red flag at C.R.U.S.H. to get me querying them. And Lucy, from what I see, the individuals working on behalf of C.R.U.S.H. completely volunteer their time.

  • Lexy

    I’ve been a member of CAPP since Dec 31 and have closely followed political events over the past four months. I have seen people taking action and planning rallies. That was wonderful.

    However, there have been many of us who wanted to see something more concrete done about the number one issue facing Canada today, which is, of course, Mr. Harper and his loopy gov’t. I was delighted when it appeared that C.R.U.S.H. was going to take concrete action, in the form of the ads.

    I have donated twice and will likely continue. I think the money is exceptionally well spent. The accounting that C.R.U.S.H. has already done is quite fine by me and in fact, while it is gratifying to see the accounting, I don’t believe there are under much of an obligation to do so. After all, the proof is in the pudding – the actual ads, and it appears as though C.R.U.S.H. has been able to make the $ stretch.

    Kudos to C.R.U.S.H.

  • Aurora_Borealis

    I donated to C.R.U.S.H. and received the financial statement. All I can say is that I am impressed. I use newspaper advertising to promote my small business and I know how much ads cost. The fact that the group has been able to publish this many ads for $5400 is a real feat – especially when I consider newspapers such as the Toronto Star and Calgary Herald. So, I’m more than happy with my small investment in C.R.U.S.H. I only wish more Canadians would recognize that we have real power when we work together. Thank you, C.R.U.S.H. for giving an ordinary Canadian like me a voice!!

    CRUSH Financials.

    Donations to date $ 6195.00

    Advertising $ 5400.00 These include: Toronto Star, K&W Record, Calgary Herald, Hill Times, Comox Valley (locally funded), Edmonton Metro (Co-funded)

    Bank, PayPal, License $ 145.00

    Balance in account $ 650.00

    • @Aurora_Borealis, Thank you Aurora_Borealis. I often look into the Northern night skys and see you illuminating our country. The light you shine here on this blog will light the way for others to see their way to our ultimate success, rescuing our democracy from tyrants.

  • uijk

    I say if there is nothing wrong why all the attacks and anger. If everything is on the up and up it doesn’t need to be hidden and questions silenced.You should let people see publicly what each ad is costing for each publication. I have looked and can see no business license on your site.I must wonder at this. I read from the first article of Crush here to this one and many are angry. For so many there must be a reason.

    • Pamela Allard

      @uijk, All of the “attacks and anger” have come from those such as yourself and Jeromie who for some unknown reason resent the success which C.R.U.S.H. has had. It is actually rather bewildering and the attacks and anger directed toward C.R.U.S.H. seem very personal. Why is this? Those who have donated have done so willingly because they believe in the cause and everything has been handled very professionally. I think that you should examine your motivation in your negative and personal attacks. It does not seem healthy.

      • @Pamela Allard, Your comments will help drown out the misbegotten negativity. I am proud that Canadians like you are supporting our grassroots efforts in spite of some vicious unprovoked attacks.

      • uijk

        Pamala Allard you say to me “All of the “attacks and anger” have come from those such as yourself and Jeromie who for some unknown reason resent the success which C.R.U.S.H. has had. ” You do not know me. I made my observation and you have said such things to me? I am thinking that this Jeromey is correct when he say you attack. What else is correct with his writing I wonder if you must attack someone you do not know this way? you say as well “I think that you should examine your motivation in your negative and personal attacks. It does not seem healthy.” you must listen to that for your motivation in personal attack to me. If you are crush he must be correct in what he says.
        I don’t attack I said “I got the full accounting. It is not. It merely says how much money they claim they raised, how much they claimed they spent and how much left. No details” There is no attacking in this. I go to you web and see this and this is what I think. You are stupid peoples when you talk like this to someone.

  • @ujik A full accounting of course can only happen at years end by CGA. This is just an update for the benefit or our generous membership. PayPal has very strict rules on using them for any purpose. They as well as ourselves are subject to laws and regulations to which we adhere. Our web site has a posting of our business license. Without disclosing all donors, which I suspect would seriously contravene privacy laws , I do not see what else we can or should disclose at this time. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we can provide for you.

    • Jeromie

      @Billy Nobels,
      Now you see … if you were registered as a not for profit or NGO, those books would be updated monthly and available upon request.

      As a sole PROPRIETORSHIP, and I stress that word because it means it is a FOR PROFIT group, this transparency is not available.

      Will Billy be paying taxes on all these funds? Will he benefit on his taxes because of it? Are we to take the word of ONE person about the funding that has come in?

      CRUSH has operated under a smoke screen … banning people from the group who step up and question the organization, gleaning their names from the group and placing them on mailing lists without their consent, and attacking those who ask questions.

      You are bullies, you are acting suspiciously, and you are hiding behind a business license that is addressed to a PO Box, with no email contact, no phone number contact, and not an NGO or not for profit status.

      You have suggested to me that I am mentally ill for questioning you, you have threatened me with legal action for speaking out, and you have harassed and badgered me and put me on a mailing list I never asked to be on.

      You are acting like criminals, and will therefore be treated as such until you clean up your act.

  • uijk

    I got the full accounting. It is not. It merely says how much money they claim they raised, how much they claimed they spent and how much left. No details.

  • The Left Hand

    Good for CRUSH. I agree with you Scott that samll market is the way to go. You’d be amazed at how many people actually read the Neighbourhood Freebies, and the advertising rates are usually reasonable.

    I do like the idea of the Hill Times though. Always nice to stick a pin into HRH SH.

  • Billy Nobels

    We have indeed branched out to smaller markets as finances allow. To have people donate we must become known, to become known we have to hit the high traffic markets. Up to now we seem to have a sound marketing strategy. We also work with local groups and hope to assist them in developing ads and assistance in cost sharing as funds allow. It is a tough row to hoe but so far we have succeeded. Thank you for your support.

    • Jeromie

      @Billy Nobels,

      Again, CRUSH takes a guilty line at people who ask for transparency.

      When asked to show the books detailing how much money has been donated, and how much has been spent on advertising, I was attacked, swarmed, and insulted by nearly the entire crush board, and then subsequently banned from the crush group.

      Once that was done, I was attacked verbally by Billy in pvt messages on Facebook where he called me mentally insane, mentally unstable, and a few other words I care not to use here.

      Crush is registered as a business via an PO Box, and the license does not contain an email or a phone number to contact the “sole proprietor”.

      Any dissenting voice about this group has been attacked, had their Facebook profiles attacked, and in a few cases fraudulently had facebook accounts of those people frozen by labelling them as fake or not a real person.

      The tactics of this group are reprehensible and contain no transparency, and I for one will see to it that this crush group, to use it’s own acronym, crushED.

      • Tracy Gartner

        Hi Scott,
        Thank you for covering the activities of CRUSH. I have been a supporter of CRUSH almost from its inception and am very pleased by the impressive work being done. Recently, CRUSH put out a call for a concerned Canadian to spearhead a local initiative in Edmonton to have an ad placed in a smaller publication. I and one other local person answered the call and began to collect funds from local people, with CRUSH offering to pay half of our costs. People did respond positively and very quickly we had raised the needed funds. We will see this ad on the entire back page of The Metro (Edmonton) this coming Thursday (April 8th).
        One of the most interesting aspects, to me, is how willing our local media was to reduce the cost drastically to place a grassroots ad. In our case, the price dropped by $1500 once the sales representative found out the source and content of the ad. A full accounting was recently sent out to all CRUSH members and I can see that this has been the case across the board. CRUSH has placed tens of thousands of dollars of ads for a fraction of normal costs. I am not all concerned about a lack of transparency from these folks and am continuously amazed at what they are able to accomplish.
        I hope to see initiatives for even smaller publications in smaller centres as you have suggested. The thing is that each of these ads takes quite a bit of work. The ad could not have been placed in Edmonton without the guiding hand and support of CRUSH. This will certainly hold true in smaller centres.
        Take care

        • Jeromie

          @Tracy Gartner,

          That’s a bold faced lie. I asked for the accounting yesterday and was completely stonewalled, attacked by the board members of CRUSH, banned from their group, then threatened by Billy Nobels with legal action if i spoke any more, and then he further went on to slander me and call me mentally ill.

          So no, you are not transparent, you are all smoke and screens and nothing more.

          If this organization was incorporated as an NGO or a non for profit, the books would BY LAW need to be public. However, this organization is registered as a sole proprietorship business, and on its license uses a PO Box, no email, and no phone number for anyone to contact.

          And let me just say one thing … if you guys are getting discounts left and right from organizations, then you don’t need the $30,000 you are asking for.

          Look at CAPP, look at what they have done without asking for a SINGLE DOLLAR from anyone, and also take a look at their membership numbers, CRUSH has 2% the memebership they do because they are doing things right.

          Over the next few days, CRUSH will see who I have contacted in the media, in the legal world, and in the business world and will be feeling the heat.

          And THAT … is a promise.

  • Thank you Scott for continuing to cover CRUSH. We are definitely in agreement that local is good and working with many local CRUSHers to get the message out as well-this is response to members requests.
    We do want some attention for this nationally as well and members have asked we reach out internationally so this was our response to our member requests on that front.
    We must admit, as a response to members concerns, the ad gives us special pleasure because Mr. Harper might read it over his morning coffee. We hope he does in fact listen to Canadians and gives it a think 🙂

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