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Is this Helena Guergis’s potential replacement in Cabinet?

I see Conservative MP Shelly Glover decided to issue an April Fool’s Day declaration 1 day early. Apparently, Shelly has some inside knowledge that “all prisoners vote Liberal” while “all cops vote Conservative” – ergo, that’s why the Liberals put forth “soft on crime’ legislation, because they have a vested interest in keeping the prisoner vote, apparently.

Let me just state that if Helena Guergis gets fired or resigns, and Shelly Glover is the replacement to cabinet, none of the opposition parties will be crying too much in losing an easy target like Helena, because Shelly appears she could ably and easily fill that role.

By the way, and speaking of Helena, I obviously think she should get booted out of cabinet, but I’m with Jeff; she should force the Prime Minister to fire her; the open slagging of her by Conservative Party insiders and such shows the PM would rather she leave on her own, then he be forced to remove her and have people question his judgment in appointing her in the first place.


9 comments to Is this Helena Guergis’s potential replacement in Cabinet?

  • the rat

    One story and one prisoner so dedicated to the Liberal cause he shaved your logo in his hair. I doubt he votes Conservative with that ‘do. The story also mentioned how every prisoner they asked, EVERY one, was voting Liberal. Now there’s an endorsement you can take to the bank . . . and rob it.

    • Red Forever

      She also insinuated that all police officers vote conservative.

      Can she prove that?

      She also says the liberals are soft on crime, in order to keep the convict vote.

      How ridiculous.

      She insulted millions of Canadians who do not agree with her.

      Her rhetoric is divisive, and disgusting.

      She is dumber than Sarah Palin


      Go tatoo a CPC logo in your hair, better yet tatoo a CPC logo on your butt, that is the perfect place for a CPC logo

    • @the rat, one story about one prison on an election that took place over four years ago somehow translates into “predominately prison inmates vote Liberal during elections”?

      Actually, the same piece tells us that the vast majority of prison inmates, some 75 percent – choose to abstain from voting. Surely you don’t honestly believe, as does Ms. Glover, that Liberal policy on crime panders to 8750 incarcerated individuals who are spread across the country?

      I dare say that Ms. Glover’s claim is as false as her assertion that “cops vote Conservative”.

      I wonder how she, a representative of our governing party, can speak with such certainty.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @the rat, hey Rat, can I buy some of what your smoking because it seems to take you off to a faraway world of fantasy.

  • the rat

    You might want to do a quick Google search before you post. This was quite funny in 2006 and I don’t think it has changed much. I especially like the picture 🙂

    • @the rat, Snort.. one story from Conservatve Television Network? Is that your basis.. or Shelly’s basis for that matter on her silly claim?

      As a commentator said at the Macleans story..Someone ought to ask Shelly how she knows how prisoners vote, given that their ballots, under Special Voting Rules, are lumped in and counted with Canadian Forces electors.

    • Anon ABC

      @the Rat: Why then is Harper so intent on creating even more inmates if they all vote Libs? He is never going to get his majority now .. what a shame, eh?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @the rat, Ah Rat you are such a classic apologist. If Harper started eating babies you’d probably defend him by saying they were organic free-range so they had a happy life…

  • C’mon! All this trolling by Guergis just shows she’s hip on troll culture!

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