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Just a thought

If you’re working for a Conservative cabinet minister and want to defend that Minister from bad publicity you deem unfair, you probably should make a better effort at hiding your identity when you write in – maybe write up the letter and then have your supportive neighbour or sibling send it in as a LTE, rather then just use your maiden name.. that’s too easy to trace.

What’s more unsettling to me is the 2nd letter from another Guergis staffer who used her real name and sees nothing wrong with writing in to defend her boss, and doesn’t see the apparent conflict in interest in doing so.

One thing about all this is you notice the almost fanatical loyalty these Conservative staffers have towards their minister who is employing them and the Conservative government overall. Their views are not a lot different from typical Kool-Aid conservatives on media comment boards. Those supporters are a very ideological right-wing group, with very little time for accepting criticism of their heroes in government, and the staffers seem to be the same way.


6 comments to Just a thought

  • Ottlib

    The staffers might not have done what they did because of ideology. They might have done it out of naked self interest. These folks are exempt staff and they have their jobs as long as the Minister keeps hers.

  • MoS

    I think the real story is Macleans failure to vet the letter before printing it. It’s hardly a surprise that Macleans is a Tory house organ but really.

  • bull caller

    Fanatical loyalty is what drives the current conservatives. It has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with ‘belonging’ to a club. These anti-social losers find common ground with others of the same ilk and will stop at nothing to make “their team” win – regardless if it is right or wrong. They aren’t bright enough to realize the long-term gravity of their actions, because for them they are still stuck in middle school.

    Arrested Development is the mantra of conservative supporters and staffers.

  • Red Forever

    Those honest, and ethical conservatives can see absolutely nothing wrong with their behaviour.

    All the while throwing rocks, at everybody else.

    They do seem to practice a very peculiar brand, of selective outrage.

    Helena Guergis is an embarassment, and if she had any self respect, she would resign from cabinet.

    Good Judgement, and decency have long parted ways with Guergis.

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t say they are right-wing. I would say they are cranky, and almost always, rude. They have modeled themselves on Harper, their ultimate benefactor.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Guest, sounds like the current crop of right wingers. Sigh, at least the Italian fascists understood fashion.

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