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Ouch, thats gotta sting

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in so many diplomatic words says Canada is being elitist in who it invited to talks on the Arctic:

Clinton rebukes Canada on Arctic meeting
The world’s Arctic allies are kicking off a day-long summit on a sour note, as Canada comes under fire for snubbing key polar nations. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in prepared remarks that the meeting should be inclusive – yet Sweden, Finland, Iceland and indigenous groups were left off Canada’s invite list. “Significant international discussions on Arctic issues should include those who have legitimate interests in the region. And I hope the Arctic will always showcase our ability to work together, not create new divisions,” reads the prepared statement.

It’ll be interesting to hear Lawrence Cannon and Harper try to explain publicly why they didn’t bother to invite everyone – particularly the Inuit peoples. They would have brushed off opposition party criticism of this, but the US Secretary of State’s pointed remarks are a tad harder to ignore.

(Maybe they’ll say “Canada’s back” – I mean, if we’re being criticized by the US, we MUST be important, right?)


2 comments to Ouch, thats gotta sting

  • LMA

    From the website, a quote from Greenpeace oceans coordinator:
    “this self-appointed, exclusive Arctic Club is meeting behind closed doors without the participation of indigenous communities, other concerned countries, and environmental groups, focusing on carving up the petroleum pie rather than ensuring a sustainable future for the Arctic”.

    Looks like Clinton called it right.

  • Anon

    Is it possible, a move is being made to make Canada look so bad that the US bids to take us completely over? Silly right? Hmmm!! Harper believes the Americans are correct in everything. He called Canada a welfare state before he became PM to a think tank group of right-wing religious zealots in Montreal in 2003 or there abouts. What in hell is going on in this country? Can’t we have the GG declear the PM unable to look after Canada? They did it in Australia. It is discusting since especially the Innu were left out of these talks.

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