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Looks like Canada 150 wasn’t a bomb after all

You might expect my Liberal blogging colleagues to offer praise to the conference (though these folks have never minced words or not criticized the Liberal Party when they felt the need to), but it appears a fair number of media folks are not repeating the conventional wisdom before Canada 150 took place that this was going to be a “bomb”, and indeed, some stated the conference helped to offer up an interesting idea or 2 from Ignatieff – one media scribe even called it “ambitious”.

Personally, I will be interested to watch what – if any- ideas the conference invitees offered will be followed up on by Ignatieff and the policy/strategy folks. The Liberals are to be credited for inviting folks with strong opinions and not muzzling them, but whether or not anything they said will become something beyond simple venting and thinking is the big question.


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