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CRUSH strikes again with new ads in more newspapers

Briefly on a Saturday, I am very pleased to read CRUSH (Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper) has been able to raise additional funds to put more of their ads in additional newspapers – including one that will be seen in Calgary, and presumably the riding of Stephen Harper (which probably wont change many minds there, but it’s a symbolic thing I think). You may remember they initially put one in the Toronto Star a couple of weeks ago; well, they’ve raised more funds from their members to do additional ad buys.

If anyone over at CRUSH is reading this, by the way, I think the strategy of putting these in local newspapers is really the way to go. The buy in the Star was a big splash, but local newspaper placements may give you more bang for the ad buck, as they say.. and the ability to put them in more of them across the country (I’m thinking like the Tillsonburg News, the Woodstock Sentinel-Review, and so on).

For what my advice is worth, that’s what I think 🙂

Read more over here on where the ads are specifically being placed with this ad buy.


15 comments to CRUSH strikes again with new ads in more newspapers

  • Luigi Bullcrip

    Very ill informed site.

  • uijk

    an election now will give harper a win so keep it up with the anti harper rhetoric if that’s what you want

    • Jon Pertwee

      @uijk, yes because democracy and difference of opinions sucks doesn’t it uijk. Three cheers for a one-party state!

      /rolls eyes

  • psa

    voting for anyone but the liberals or cons is the only way to vote for the left. at this point the liberals are barely any different than the cons. we have two right wing parties fighting for power. ignatieff has shown no will to make accord with the bloc or the ndp. he and his backroom team scuttled the canadian left when they undercut dion, stood by and let progressive policies founder and killed the original notion of a coalition. i truly don’t believe this nation will vote harper out to install ignatieff. if i am correct in that then the liberals as they are currently arranged need to have their mulroney/kim campbell moment of undoing. i would sincerely like to see the bloc step up and act as a national force for progressive policy. have them take in the non-religious lunatic fringe that we just saw in the liberal caucus fail to support their party’s motion on family planning in foreign policy. face it, we’re stuck with harper through at least one more election cycle. the liberals need to be remade now or that will absolutely ensure a far longer and more destructive conservative reign. the liberals are not in any way a practical vote, they are the slow pull technique of removing a bandaid.

  • ciaoNeocons

    The Libs are by far the more practical vote. No more splitting the left. The campaign, when they begin will be clear, a vote for for anyone but the Libs is a vote for the Cons. After the election a joint left caucus would be brilliant; there are 3 or 4 lefts outside the Libs who are very good and deserve a seat in the caucus.

  • psa

    folly to dump him, folly to keep him. the liberals couldn’t have picked a worse time to fall into disarray. settling for the next worst option isn’t a good option. sorry.

    • interested

      Agree with you PSA. Right now is such a dumb time to force an election. No-one knows enough about Ignatieff other than the Conservative spin. Why trust him to run the country? (Some of us do our own research so I personally think he would be good – my statement is a generalization) Jack Layton is seen as being distracted because of his battle with cancer although he is still doing a great job as leader of the NDP. Trouble is who would the next NDP leader be if he lost his battle – another election?
      There are going to be a lot of people who will just vote Harper again because better the devil you know or won’t bother voting at all.

  • Joan Richard

    The best we can do is support the leader and especially his caucus. It is obvious that Ignatieff hasn’t grabbed the voters but he is NOT the party and we should be elevating all the good MP’s and members and quit concentrating on everything Ingatieff says. It would be folly to dump him now, as he is learning and there is no one ready to take his place. Let’s call on McCallum, Goodale, Kennedy, Bennett and all those others to state the Liberal vision, and maybe Ignatieff will take the hint.

  • psa

    i’d like to see the liberals punt ignatieff, say by the end of the weekend, make a call to gilles duceppe and jack layton and put a coalition together. as for leadership, who knows, not bob rae though and not coderre. hell, offer to merge with the bloc and make duceppe the leader. at least there’d be a policy to work with that actually reflects the millions of voters that aren’t on board with the liberals. the culture of grafting corporate ugliness is inculcated pretty deeply into the liberal party mindset it has become very hard to see a light at the end of the political tunnel of late. the liberals need to be burned to the ground and rebuilt. it took a wholesale decimation of the progressive conservatives and then a fire sale to generate the conservative reform alliance party. the liberal insistence on fighting for the same right of centre voting block that the con occupy is ludicrous. i predict that come next election, short of a sudden miraculous turn on the part of the libs and their crappy leader or providing harper doesn’t shoot a toddler on tv, that the cons will bag an ever stronger minority or perhaps a wafer thin majority. i simply don’t see ignatieff beating harper at the polls. so it doesn’t really matter if the libs nut up and retool for real. ignatieff isn’t very nice lipstick and the liberal pig is looking real sickly.

  • bull caller

    PSA, what is your next proposal then? status-quo with the conservatives continuing to swing the wrecking ball as consecutive minority governments?

    I agree, ignatieff is a dismal choice, but I freely admit I’d be much happier to see Harper on the other side of the house than ignatieff as PM – for now, that is.

    Republiconservatives have to go, and none too soon.

  • psa

    i wish i believed that fern. i don’t trust ignatieff, he’s a greasy bit of work. there’s only an incremental difference between the two parties as far as i can tell at the moment. the liberals need to take a giant step away from their current course. but it just won’t happen. the two parties serve the same constituency, mammon. if harper gets bounced, he’ll either cling to his leadership or be replaced by the even more dangerous jim prentice. if iggy gets a minority (majority simply won’t happen) then we’re stuck with his oily presence for the foreseeable future. no good options. so to amend, liberals very bad, cons very, very bad. neither acceptable.

  • First things first, psa. Liberals bad. ReformaTories waaaay worse.

  • psa

    unseating stephen harper is all well and good but please, how about an option other than ignatieff and this horrid crop of liberals.

  • Thank you Scott for covering CRUSH’s progress. We appreciate it.

    We have had some unusual news on the Calgary Herald front. Our members in the area searched the paper many times and were unable to find the ad and the offices are not open till Monday. To add insult to injury, we found that they had charged us twice for the ad. So, we will follow up and rectify the situation as soon as we can. It is an oversight I am sure but many, many rushed out to buy the papers and found no ad.

    Addressing your comment on the new strategy of local papers combined with larger papers, that comes directly from our members who requested help with local funding. This is the best way to do politics, from members who know their neighbors and working with progressives to reach out to their local areas. It is exciting and we thank our members for coming up with a new improved strategy for us.

  • Big Winnie

    Good for C.R.U.S.H.

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