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Advice to Speaker Milliken

My first piece of advice: don’t let the government fool you into thinking they’re complying with the demand from Parliament to hand over all relevant Afghan documents unredacted and uncensored, when they go and hand over redacted and heavily censored Afghanistan documents, and none of the documents that was requested by the Parliamentary committee. This is just a propaganda effort from the government designed to fool you into thinking they’re complying.

My 2nd piece of advice; you’ve said you would rule on the opposition parties points of order points of privilege saying the government is ignoring Parliament and in contempt if they do not turn over those unredacted documents once you get a formal response from 2 or 3 of the Cabinet ministers involved – and more specifically the Justice Department and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. At the moment, they appear in no big hurry to formally respond to your enquiries.

Don’t let them drag out the clock on this. If they continue to stall on a formal response, give them a deadline to respond by, or tell them that you will make your ruling on the opposition parties motion with or without their responding.


5 comments to Advice to Speaker Milliken

  • i think i dont hav right n also experince to giv suggestions… but people who are eligible can giv sugestions.. i think am not eligible…

  • Al

    @ Radical Centrist
    Actually the House passed a motion on Dec 10 2009 after a point of privilege ordering the Government to hand over the uncensored documents (such a long time ago it seems now)

  • Big Winnie

    Good points Scott. It would be interesting to know if the Speaker could either set a deadline for the response or rule on the Question of Privilege without the government’s response?

  • radical centrist

    Just a little clarification: the opposition raised questions of privilege, not points of order. There’s a big difference between the two.

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