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Wait til the thing ‘bombs’ before declaring that it ‘bombs’

Briefly, I see a lot of journalists and commentators claiming that the Canada 150 “thinkers conference’ being held by the Liberals is going to “bomb” this weekend. That’s based partly on pre-conceived notions on who or who isn’t going to be there, it appears, and who is or isn’t presenting ideas.

Look, I don’t know whether it’s going to “bomb” or not, but I think people should at least wait to see how things turn out this weekend before burying the thing. Wait until the post-mortem at least 😉


17 comments to Wait til the thing ‘bombs’ before declaring that it ‘bombs’

  • That would be the best case senario. No big expensive save us all that are not asking to be saved kind of stuff.No Ideas that rip hard earned money from the middle class,Driving more people into poverty is not the answer.If there were any good ideas being considered I am guessing that we would have heard some rumblings

  • billg

    Problem is..the media gets lazy, jumps on the Libs and the Cons are right there with the media piling on with glee…and vice versa. This moronic cycle continues until governments change..which they will. Honestly..Craig Oliver and Jane Taber are out of a Monty Python skit they are that bad. Lowell Green is not well liked by most Liberals, but, he said something this week that made so much sense to me in regards to the Couler
    U of O fiasco. He said the main reason journalist are so lazy is because they are afraid…afraid to be outspoken.
    Lowell said that in Canada we have one outrageous TV figure..Don Cherry. In the US there are 100’s..of both political stripes. I dont know what will come of the “thinkers con”, but, there should be a left leaning TV pundit ready to pounce on any lazy journalist who wants to call it a joke before it even gets going, and, there should be a right wing TV pundit who has a counter point. You want better journalism then you have to allow free’er speech. Just my opinion.

  • SteveV

    Actually, the kneejerk cynicial reaction is a testament to the fact the media should hold it’s own conference, to figure out how it can reform itself because it’s clearly FLAWED. It’s like some esoteric warped world, where everybody tries to out pessimist the other, that’s how you get your “creds”. What a joke, no matter your political persuasion.

  • psa

    there’s no telling if something will bomb until it either does or does not bomb. regardless of that, it seems like the liberals are busily pissing away a lot of time and effort worrying about something more than half a decade in the future while things fall to shit around them and within their own dismally inept performance in the present. there’s not much point in a gathering of supposed progressive thinkers mooning away at 2017 when the non-progressive roster of current liberals is either toeing harper’s line or simply failing to appear when needed. fix the damn party of the moment, present an actual alternative or accept the fate of long term failure that will inevitably lead to a friggin’ harper majority. it won’t be to fat steve’s credit when that happens it will be the fault of today’s bloody useless liberal party.

  • bubba

    I just hope the conference is a bore. That would be the best case senario. No big expensive save us all that are not asking to be saved kind of stuff.No Ideas that rip hard earned money from the middle class,Driving more people into poverty is not the answer.If there were any good ideas being considered I am guessing that we would have heard some rumblings.This could be the Libs last chance to prove that they are relevant to canadians. Their base can not take another kick. They are standing to close to the edge.

    • bull caller


      Bubba, quite frankly the conservatives “base” should be of more concern – being stuck directly in the low thirties pretty much forever. But i do think its fine to dismiss activity as a bomb or whatever they wish to frame it. Better to beat expectations than to have unrealistic ones set. Canadians who know about harper won’t vote for him – thats at least 50-55 percent, probably higher given theyve rarely cracked the mid 30s. If they wont ever vote for steve, they need to find an alternative or won’t vote. Hopefully this conference changes that.

      God help your ilk if the left can get their shit together, or we actually have electoral reform before Herr Harper prorogues for good.

    • Red Forever


      Hello, and thanks for the useless drivel.

      You think LPOC policy is to drive Canadians into poverty.

      Guess what there big boy, fat Steve has rung up a $60 billion deficit.

      And you know what, the fun doesn’t end, we will have deficits as far as the eye can see.

      Tell me exactly who has to pay for that.

      Your super hero came into office with a $13 billion surplus.

      He has destroyed the fiscal framework of the country.

      He never gets abouve 35% in the polls. When he does get near majority he never can sustain it. He always comes crashing down.

      Actually I am glad you and Wilson come on here and air your inane opinions.

      Shows the mindset of a CPC voter.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Red Forever, didn’t you ever read why Bubba voted conservative? He posted it on another blog not that long ago.His MP bought him lunch and that was his reason to vote for him.

        Guess Bubba is a cheap date

        • Red Forever

          Jon Pertwee

          Bubba strikes me as the kind of fellow, who will take a date anywhere he can get one.

          And yes I am sure he is a cheap date.

          Cheap date is better than no date in his book.

          His CPC MP buying him lunch was probably the most attention he received in yonks.

          That little action bought Bubba’s devotion forever.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @bubba, how’s that PHD in Political Science and Animal Husbandry doing Bubba? Done plenty of studies on the Liberal base or are you just blowing smoke up your arse again?

  • Red Forever

    That is typical CTV bullshit.

    Gawd I hate that network.

    Nothing but schills for the CPC

    CTV is a disgrace

    Look at all the airtime that pathetic sack of shit, Levant gets on there.

    Right wing windbags are allowed to carry on their ad hominen attacks, and typical garbage, of course with no one from the other side allowed to offer any counter argument.

    I will already declare that CTV will say it is a failure, and a waste of time.

    They will say the Liberal party is dead, Stephen Harper is the second coming, and the CPC is God.

    That will save everyone’s time, and now you don’t even have to watch.

  • Our media aren’t quite as bad on this score as are the Villagers of the Beltway, but most of them do subscribe to the same smug condescension about the interests and intelligence of citizens as the PMO runs on. So they just keep repeating the mantra, “Canadians don’t care about …,” and sit back satisfied that they’ve said something worth hearing. Even when they’re proved wrong, they’re impervious.

    They take it as a given that the very word “thinkers” will turn most citizens off. That can become a self-fulfilling loop, unfortunately, although ordinary people are capable of suddenly proving them wrong.

  • How could it possibly “bomb”, media people? Getting a bunch of learned people together to create ideas could hardly bomb, unless you are expecting the sky to open up and the sun to shine down in a halo of grace. Come on!

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