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A passing thought on the Ann Coulter Canada tour

I see Ann is visiting the Great White North, the country I seem to recall her saying in a radio interview with a Canadian radio station not too long ago (it might have been CFRB in Toronto) that we were lucky/should be grateful the US lets us exist beside them, which was one of the milder things she said.

That was back before President Obama was elected however, so perhaps she’s visiting because she views Canada as a bit of a conservative refuge or something. It would be amusing to hear her rant on the now passed Health Care Reform bill in the US if that’s a topic she chooses to broach up here in “socialist Canada” – at least with regards to Universal healthcare (and by the way, congrats to President Obama and the Democrats for that monumental achievement. It’s watered down more then I like, but it’s a start).

Anyhow, if Ann wants to visit here, and people want to listen to her ..uh.. thoughts on issues, that’s their right. However, I have a request to those going to listen to her that may not be particularly sympathetic to her point of view – particularly those in the nation’s capital. If any of you manage to see any Conservative MP’s, or even better yet, Cabinet Ministers attending those “lectures” of hers, drop me a line. It would be interesting to see if anyone in the Conservative caucus shows up.. and even better, to ask those folks if they agree with the stuff she spews.


28 comments to A passing thought on the Ann Coulter Canada tour

  • frank clancy

    Whats all the fuss about fellow republican Coulter speaking in other cities I’m sure President Harper secretary of speech Jason Kenny are amused at comments about banning Patriot Ann from the country she admires and respects . Then maybe if we are good little canuckastaners that great mentor and intellectual powerhouse Sara Palin will grace us with her presence and we could convinced our premadonna Senator Pamala Wallen to host the event!

  • one-timer

    re. the Canadian Charter of Rights…

    Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
    (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
    (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
    (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
    (d) freedom of association.

    Given the tone of most of these replies, allow me to suggest an obvious amendment for freedom of hypocrisy!

  • Nate

    Glad to see you canucks gave Ann C. the reception she so richly deserved. My only regret is that now she’ll be coming back down here.


  • Dana

    As a citizen of the United States, I send you my condolences for Ann Coulter’s vile presence in your wonderful country.

  • Canadian

    I’ve listened to her on several occasions and have chosen to ignore her. I do the same with all people that drag humanity down.

  • tali

    I’m not in the least concerned about her coming to Canada. Her supporters will never change their minds or point of view and neither will her detractors. If I could sit through one of her talks without puking I would come out still thinking she was trailer trash.

  • I want to wish Ann Coulter well on her hot air balloon visit to Canada. I value free speech in Canada–even if it comes from an adversary.

  • Larry

    I wasn’t in favour of Galloway’s ban either…never said I was.

  • Larry

    Red Forever,

    I have no tolerance for people who teach hatred either, but banning them is not the answer. That is called censorship and is anti-democratic. What you and others must realize that democracy is not always pretty, and good must be taken with the bad. Call her a “goof” if you want, but don’t ban her. As soon as you ban one person for something deemed offensive, you open the floodgates and soon no one will be able to say anything.

    Voltaire anyone? “I do not agree with a word you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it”

    • Big Winnie

      Larry, based on your post, explain why George Galloway was banned in Canada but yet was allowed to speak in the US?

    • Red Forever


      I appreciate your respectful response.

      I will agree to disagree with you on Ann Coulter.

  • KC

    I agree with Scott. Coulter should be allowed to speak here, but what does it say about those who actually go to see her? Im always interested to hear a well reasoned, intelligent speaker but Ann Coulter? Seriously? I’ve never heard anything from her that justifies her fame. Shes not that bright.

  • Larry

    Big Winnie,

    I can debate just fine. You want to ban someone for their views…if that’s not being a Marxist I don’t know what is.

    Just because others were denied doesn’t make that right either. But that doesn’t make your viewpoint any more palatable.

    • @Larry, I’m with you and Scott on Ms. Coulter being allowed to speak. That said, I don’t recall anything in Marx’s writings that advocates a ban people expressing their views. Indeed, his writings show him to be a strong advocate of the free flow of ideas.

      • Larry

        Brian you are absolutely correct. Having had family live under Soviet tyranny, I sometimes incorrectly use Marxism and Communism interchangeably. My mistake.

    • Red Forever


      The conservatives banned George Galloway, an MP from the UK from entering Canada and speaking, on a flimsy excuse he supported Hamas.

      That seemed real strange because he was allowed to enter the US and speak, as well as many other countries.

      Conservatives love free speech, as long as it is speech they agree with.

      Comparing an internationally respected figure such as Al Gore to Ann Coulter is just plain ridiculous.

      We have hate laws in Canada, and as far as I am concerned she breaks them every time she opens her mouth.

      She is a vile, filthy, reprehensible human being whose views are not needed.

      Platforms should not be given to someone who preaches hate.

      • Larry

        Red Forever,

        You have just indicated what an intolerant and ignorant person you are. She is not any of the things you say and you are pandering to the lowest form of slander and miscommunication.

        If you don’t like her views, fine. Don’t go to hear her speak.

        She doesn’t preach hate…she just doesn’t agree with you.

        • Big Winnie

          I agree with Red. Her “anti-semite” views (see ck’s post above) alone, should have prevented her from being allowed entry ino Canada.

        • Red Forever


          With all due respect, she does preach hate.

          Her comments on Muslims, and Gays, are hate speech.

          I am not intolerant.

          I just have no tolerance for people who preach hatred.

          You have called myself, and Big Winnie names today.

          I didn’t seem to read either of us calling you anything.

  • Big Winnie

    @Larry: I’ve been called many things before but never a Marxist. I’ll dismiss your comments as coming from someone who is unable to debate, rationally, any issue if it conflicts with your views.

    Others have been denied entry into Canada for their views but yet she is allowed to enter. Oh yeah, I forgot, the CONs will allow anyone entry as long as they agree with the government.

    As for Gore, he is respected worldwide but the same can’t be said for Coulter.

  • Paul Raposo

    What I find amusing is that Coulter has made anti-Canadian statements, yet Canadian conservatives want to see her speak. Why do Canadian Cons hate Canada?

    Further, I’d like to see the Con response if an American liberal had said the same things.

    • ck

      Paul, remember how ol’ Stevie and the Harpercons had said anyone even remotely critical of Israel was an anti-Semite? Well, Ann Coulter certainly fits that bill and then some!

      With Ol Stevie and the Harpercons feeling that way about critiques of Israel, and Ann Coulter feeling that Jews “need to Improve themselves”, isn’t is hypocritical of Harpercons to let even let her in the country.

      Click the above link, there is even a video of her talking all about that.

      • Big Winnie

        After seeing that interview, Coulter proved why she should not have been allowed into Canada.

  • Larry

    Big Winnie the Marxist has spoken I see.

    Are you that scared her that you feel you need to ban her?

    Let’s ban Al Gore next time, shall we?

  • Scott, I wonder whether you might be remembering an old Fox News clip (perhaps played on CFRB). Either that or Ms. Coulter has been repeating her assertion that this fair country is being “allowed to exist on the same continent”.

    The clip is here.

  • Big Winnie

    With her views on Canada, why is she beng allowed to enter? I even emailed the Preident of UWO, to express my displeasure at the University’s decision to have her speak.

    • Big Winnie

      I received a reply from the President and in hindsight, I don’t fault the University but I do blame the government for allowing her entry.

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