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The Jaffer stuff is one part of the faux ‘tough on crime’ Conservative position

Everyone by now across the land knows about the Rahim Jaffer case. I’m not going to get into outrage mode over the seemingly light sentence; there’s plenty of others doing that. What amuses me is the Conservative outrage at the opposition parties for sticking them about that decision in the House during Members Statements and Question Period. Quite frankly, their anger is all sound and fury; they’re the ones who’ve been trying to portray themselves as the “law and order party”; yet when a former fellow MP of theirs gets off with a light sentence, they act all insulted that they’re getting taken to task for their muted reaction.

If Jaffer is an ex-Liberal MP, you can almost be assured this bunch in power would be jumping up and down – not only at the perception of a “deal”, but trying to use it as an example of our “wimpy liberal justice system”.

The other thing that shows Conservative hypocrisy? The fact they’ve been complaining for months and months about how the Liberal Senate was gutting or delaying their crime bills that were “urgently needed”. Prorogation was the first example of the dishonesty in that claim, and now this little tidbit of news  about the Conservatives declining to take control of the Senate Committee that looks at crime bills. It appears they’d rather have the Senate Liberals to flog on this issue.

So, please forgive me if I dont have much sympathy for the Conservatives bawling about the negative publicity the Jaffer case is giving them (others aren’t very sympathetic either).  What goes around comes around.

UPDATE: A good article detailing specific instances where Conservative publicly question the justice system as opposed to Jaffer’s case (also a good quote by the John Howard society saying how Jaffer shows that mandatory minimums as advocated by the Conservatives is wrong).


11 comments to The Jaffer stuff is one part of the faux ‘tough on crime’ Conservative position

  • Agree with U, She is so busy. But business make her more famous !

    Cool stuff

  • Big Winnie

    Hypocrite is an appropriate label for the CONs. We’ve seen far too many examples of this and hopefully Canadians will wake up to the kind of government we have: one that distorts/lies, takes items out of context,viciously attacks reputable diplomats, freezes everyone’s budget except for the PMO/PCO which is increased by almost 22% and of course their *cough* tough on crime *cough* agenda.

  • wilson

    Oh my, Charter of Rights and Freedom to Jaffer’s rescue:

    ”..Police sources say the roots of the withdrawal of the more serious charges against Jaffer lie in the early hours of Sept. 11 after the former politician was pulled over for driving 93 km/h in a 50 km/h zone in Palgrave, east of Orangeville.

    A rookie Ontario Provincial Police officer failed to follow proper procedures during a strip search of Jaffer, 38, causing the Crown to conclude the case would be open to a Charter challenge, the Star has learned…”

    • Gayle

      @wilson, Yes, and so?

      You mean to say the reformers/conservatives have never complained about people getting off because they think the Charter is a technicality?

      • bull caller


        Certainly not “Wilson” (rolling eyes)…

        I think that if the conservatives had come out distancing themselves from the Jaffer, perhaps even expressing disappointment and hope that he can get things turned around it would be a way to graciously address the issue while still attempting to appear, at least, somewhat still “tough on crime”.

        But to have a minister who himself is the subject of legal questions as well as roaring hypocrisy to come out as a pitbull for the conservatives to defend the indefensible speaks volumes about how serious they really are on crime – which is not serious at all. Much like other conservative canards, they are all merely little soundbites and confections concocted by the war room and nothing more. Any real position on these issues, they would be doing more than ranting about the ‘media’ and sending out trolls like “Wilson” to justify their shaky position.

        The skies are truly growing dark in conservativeland.

    • Red Forever


      My oh my aren’t you the busy boy.

      Do you ever sleep?

  • foottothefire

    This has a far more sinister side than has been explored.
    This brings the entire justice system into disrepute. As noted by one journalist impaired driving AND cocaine are never, EVER, swept aside.
    Someone has to answer to this.
    (as an aside, I’m wondering about Helen’s diatribe…what could possibly cause a person to come that unglued?)

  • Bull Caller

    Why not ask PM “Steve” about the return of Jaffer:

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