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Why was former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci chosen by Nicholson?

If you read this blogpost by Steve, it appears he was picked by the government and Nicholson because they felt he might hold some sympathy towards their views that certain documents can’t be unredacted, as based on his prior work:

..In other words, there is NO way Iacobucci is chosen, unless his past opinion and record doesn’t denote some sympathy towards the government’s current stance.

This is again why the opposition parties need to insist this does nothing to show the government is in compliance with the Parliamentary order to the government to turn over all documents to Parliament. Furthermore, if Iacobucci comes back with a report saying some stuff needs to be withheld, the opposition parties should deem it irrelevant what he thinks: parliamentary supremacy dictates everything be turned over, or the government will be found in contempt of Parliament.


10 comments to Why was former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci chosen by Nicholson?

  • K Henderson

    Maybe he was appointed because he is the Director of Tim Hortons….all those photo ops have to pay off somehow.

  • K Henderson

    He was appointed 1) as a stall tactic and 2) because he works with Torys LLP, the law firm partially run by the former Progressive Conservative Leader, John Tory’s father. Anyone see a connection here? Ideologically speaking?

  • Just wait it out guys, Harper isn’t going anywhere soon. Just keep repeating that “he’s in contempt of parliament” (and therefore in contempt of all Canadians) as long as needed without going to court, it’s the best strategy to make the CPC suffer a major blow. It will take time for Canadians to understand what’s really going on here, use the time to ensure Canadians get it before jumping on it.

    Excellent point on the retired judge; what reason is there to entrust him (and other retired generals) with national security sensitive documents? If we can’t seem to trust parliament then how the hell can we trust a retired citizens of this country?

  • crf

    Government can show these documents to whoever they want …
    So what the government is doing with Iacobucci isn’t illegal. It is just irrelevant.
    The remedy is to censure Harper in the house. Or form a new government. Or have an election.

  • Anon ABC

    This retired Judge was probably chosen for the same reason Dr. Johnson was chosen to “recommend” the terms of reference for the BM inquiry. We all know that the latter resulted in a $15M inquiry which neglected to consider the most important issue (Airbus) which BM himself, to his credit, apparently wanted to include.

    Does any one (short of a partisan Cons supporter) really believe that Harper would choose these people if there were any indications that they might actually not be sympathetic to his causes?

    Derek Lee should file his motion. The Libs should stand firm and support the other opposition parties on the issue of Parliamentary supremacy.

    I agree with JMR’s comment and the opposition should publicly raise this issue.

  • Big Winnie

    The Judge has retired and as far as I am concerned, he has no rights to view the documents. I do like this piece from CBC from earlier today:

  • JMR

    I think the question is If retired Generals and Retired Judges can see the unredacted documents why is it that our elected members of parliament are unable to see these same papers

  • Red Forever

    We are on very slippery slope.

    Parliament must exert it’s authority over the executive.

    The opposition should tell Harper to shove it.

    Hire all the judges you want.

    We don’t care

    If you do not hand over those unredacted documents, we will seek a speakers warrant to have them seized from you.

    And you will be held in contempt of parliament

  • EFL

    Exactly! Good posts!

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