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No Olympic Bounce in new Ekos poll

The small lead for the Conservatives over the Liberals remains the same as in last week’s Ekos poll. In fact, both of the 2 major parties numbers marginally dropped.

With that, and with the fact 2 other polls have shown the same small lead/deadlock, I believe it’s not unfair in presuming/asserting that one can now say with some confidence that Ipsos-Reid was an outlier poll on the so-called “Conservative Olympic Bounce”, and/or that it was just showing its trend of polling Conservative support higher then the other major Canadian polling outfits (I believe Nanos is the last regular polling outfit that has yet to report out a poll post-Olympics).


6 comments to No Olympic Bounce in new Ekos poll

  • EFL

    Suggestion: a photo caption contest for pic of Guergis, still in front benches, staring into camera over Harper’s shoulder as he answered questions during QP. I would also expect Opposition to be smart enough to use this for press release, photo contests, etc. Ex, have picture of Harper, with correct quote and rebuttal below, and have cartoon bubble above Guergis, with pithy summary of PM position: “Frack You People! Frack Democracy! I Hate This Shithole Parliament!” I disagreed on Opp asking for resignation based on principle and logic. But not media and others. I did also say she should resign, and terrible politics not to, and Cons should and will pay price if so. And as Lib, was hopeful cons really would be so stupid as to leave her in, as they have. So I say, have at her and PM, and link them together, “disrespectin’ parliament and canadians”.

    also, re. a recent Feschuk anthem post, another point to consider for you: I too honestly wonder, often, if govt actually trying to lose power. MPCC would have buried detainee thing re. public consciousness, but too far gone now. Mad anthem suggestion, Guergis still minister, etc.. Maybe they don’t want to be in govt when tax hikes and cuts come? I don’t know, but hard to believe Opp being given gift after gift by mistake (tribute to Opp…”abilities” that nothing come of it yet). Maybe Opp doesn’t want power either? What is real, unreal, bluff, doublebluff, triplebluff, etc.? I just stick to “reality” as best I can see it, but maybe I’m wrong. Who’s to say?

  • MJ

    There was a pretty big bounce in the two days after the gold medal hockey game no? Those two days are still a fairly large sample.
    What you think Scott?
    I’m not sure outright dismissal of any remotely bad numbers is helpful to Liberals at this point. Doing so feeds an impression that Liberals need only sit back and can rest assured we’ll maintain numbers within a few points of the Tories. I remember the last screams of outliers the last time the Tories were starting to open a wider gap. Screaming outlier then wasn’t helpful then either. Time will tell, maybe I sound too alarmist but I think dismissing Ipsos and the last two days of Ekos outright is unwise.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @MJ, thanks for being a troll MJ. You’ve dupe posted in other places as well

      • Red Forever

        MJ has been all over the internet today.

        TSK TSK TSK!!

        Those cons must be starting to get worried

  • Gotta love it when “95%, 19 times out of 20” bites a pollster in the ass.

  • Big Winnie

    I find it hilarious that any government would get a “bounce” from the Olympics. Did our current regime actively participate or were they there for photo-ops?

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