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The government needed 2 months of ‘recalibration’ to decide they want to change the national anthem?

If you told me a couple of months ago that someone in the Conservative braintrust would sit around during prorogation and come up with an idea to suggest making our national anthem “gender-neutral”, I’d call you nuts.

Apparently though, they had far too much time on their hands in the PMO. I can’t believe that someone decided over there that this would be a bang-on idea to regain support of women in general, whose support of Harper and the Conservatives has never been great, or of feminists in particular, who the Conservatives couldn’t give a hoot about.

That leaves me wondering if it isn’t two other reasons: 1) Perhaps it’s a red herring statement that was put in there to distract people (from what, I can’t say), or 2) It’s an “agent provocateur” manoeuvrer deliberately done to try and goad people into anger at women’s groups/feminists. As my 1 friend on Twitter suggested:

Task=make Canadians hate gender equity. Step 1=change the national anthem “to appease anthem-hating feminists” who don’t exist

Speaking of Twitter, another blogging friend of mine summed up the 58 minute Throne Speech (mercifully not as long as the 90 minute rumours) as this in less then 140 characters:

Bring back the bills PMSH killed, change anthem, freeze MP Pay, change the definition of criminal, arrest more ppl.

He didn’t need 58 minutes to describe that – and the Conservative government didn’t need to drone on for that long either.


2 comments to The government needed 2 months of ‘recalibration’ to decide they want to change the national anthem?

  • bull caller

    It is a clear indication of a group that is completely bereft of any ideas. They are not capable of governing, only campaigning. Canadians are tired of elections because the Harper Conservatives are always in election mode.

    With such a useless agenda that fails to address any serious concerns of government, yet another reason this band of jokers is in contempt of parliament and of Canadians as a whole.

  • Alison S

    Great summary of hot air.

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