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Everything about the Conservative Speech From The Throne is long today

The Budget Speech From The Throne could be as long as 90 minutes (possibly the World’s Longest Throne Speech).  Last years throne speech was only 7 minutes.  It’s also apparently got the world’s longest Throne Speech title (with some more copying aid in formulating it possibly from the former conservative John Howard Australian government).

Perhaps Harper and the Conservatives are trying to convince people after prorogation that they’re working extra hard if they make the Budget Throne Speech and it’s title extra long. Perhaps they’re just trying to slip stuff in there in the middle of this marathon speech in the hopes that everyone in the opposition parties or media will be too bored or inattentive to notice.


8 comments to Everything about the Conservative Speech From The Throne is long today

  • Frunger

    The whole cribbing from the Aussies is silly. Politicians are all about platitudes, and all parties, all over the world use the same silly buzz words. ‘To the Future’, ‘A Strong Whatever’, Innovation for Tomorrow’. Look at the titles of the provincial budgets and you’ll see the same sort of similarities.

    Nobody would consider you non-partisan Scott, but parroting goofy talking points like this latest winner from the Liberal party exposes you as a shill.

    Looks good on you though.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Frunger, yeah and plagiarizing, well that’s just another day of Conservative workflow isnt it frunger.

    • bull caller


      LOL Shill?!!! Coming from frunger, well that means a lot I’m sure.

      I don’t think Scott has ever said he was ‘non partisan’, but at least is reasonable – I think the libs are making too big a deal of it but the coincidence between the title, and the employ yet again of a plagiarizing speech writer just makes every one go hmmm don’t you think?. Well no, I guess not but Seniors Day..incredible!! – thats just awesome, truly visionary leadership from our Conservative dream team, clearly marking priorities among all the other stuff, you know with the economy and whatever, but Seniors Day (only for straight seniors mind you)… a fine speech from a throne of a different sort.

      Unfortunately for either side, throne speeches are boring and unless really surprising will get little traction for anyone. Lets see that contempt of parliament motion – then we’re talking action!!

    • Ti-Guy


      “Looks good on you though.”

      Speaking of platitudes…

      What can this possibly even mean as a critique of Scott’s post?

      Christ, Conservatives are stupid. They’re even too stupid to understand when saying nothing at all is the smartest *and* easiest move.

  • Red Forever

    Big Winnie

    You forgot “Seniors Day”

  • Big Winnie

    All I heard was blah, blah, blah…gun registry…blah, blah, blah…white collar crime…blah, blah, blah…Obama…blah, blah, blah

  • Radical Centrist

    You seem to be mixing up Throne speech and budget speech – they’re 2 separate things. The Speech from the Throne is today, the budget is tomorrow.

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