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The tale of polls

One pollster comes out declaring Harper has an Olympic-sized bounce; another comes out with a poll today that says it’s a national dead-heat (with the Olympics apparently having no effect), and a 3rd one just released says its numbers show stability from the last poll it did a week ago.

More polling to come I suspect, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re back to square one with voter intentions and preferences now that Parliament is about to be “un-prorogued” (my new word invention).


36 comments to The tale of polls

  • Red Forever

    Jon Pertwee

    I only started posting here a few days ago.

    Go back and read my earlier posts.

    I tried to advance some sensible dialogue with Jennifer, but it was impossible.

    I try to listen to all sides in a debate, but with Jennifer you can not.

    She has a blind idealogy, and a fanatic devotion to Stephen Harper, that any kind of rational dialogue impossible.

    You can really read those “Tory talking points” anywhere on the internet, on any political blog.

    I should not have done what I did today, so in future I will ignore Jennifer.

    Kudos to you though, if you think you can make some headway.

    • bull caller

      @Red Forever,

      I think Jenny is just a button pushing troll, frankly. Nobody writes that in all seriousness so don’t let it get to you – it is after all just the internets.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @bull caller, good points. Frankly her argument is so weak that I just find it easier to give her the opportunity to clarify and strengthen her argument but she doesn’t. I guess she doesn’t have anything intelligent to say but I’ve given her the chance.

        Doesn’t bother me if she fails to meet a base standard of competency.

  • Red Forever


    Not just booze and pills

    You do hard core drugs as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s enough folks. I don’t mind debate, but I won’t let it descend into name-calling and so on. Any more of this, and I reserve the right to either shut down the thread or ban the users participating in this from being able to post here.

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    Obviously you are a very immature person, Red Forever. Maybe when you grow up to learn about the real world you will become a conservative. I think your hatred towards Harper is irrational and petty at this point. My guess is that you are around 21 and have no life experience to draw on to know how good you have it as a Canadian now that we have “our JFK”.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Jennifer Thomlison, really Jennifer. Grow up and become a conservative? That’s a really weak response actually. I am attempting to respond to you in a more adult fashion but I still find your argument weak and without proof.

      Flag waving and sabre rattling is just that. It does not determine who is a better Canadian and besides, judging who is more Canadian is just un-Canadian. I dont want to be the same Canadian as you and you me. That is the way it should be. Why should I conform my feelings as a Canadian to tailor to your belief system? That isn’t exactly freedom is it?

      Harper is not our JFK, period. Quit trying to turn Harper into something he isnt. You seem to repeatedly express issue with people taking offense to Harper yet you have no problem with your over the top love of the man. Both are ridiculous and your’s is still unfounded; you have not provided one bit of proof to back up your statements besides corny rhetoric and talking points.

      Please re-edit and resubmit. It is still not too late to formulate an intelligent response.

  • Red Forever


    Harper is good looking?

    You really got to start laying off the booze and the pills.

    Try and save what little there is left of your brain.

  • Red Forever


    Did Daddy forget to lock up the liquor cabinet again?

    Did Mommy forget to lock up the medicine cabinet?

    I think I am really going to have to talk to your parents.

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    All of the stuff Harper is doing is making Canadians proud. We were a little embarassed before Harper, but now we are not afraid to wave the flags in the street.

    Harper is to Canada what JFK was to the US. Both good looking men who changed the face of the country by not apologizing about who we are and never backing down. JFK also had to experience some of the hatred that you see on these Liberal boards and websites. It was a shame, and I fear for Harper because of the radical left-wing element in Canada much like there was in the US in the 60’s.

    I think you will all be proud of our country and our Prime Minister if you start to look at things objectively. 14 golds and the best economy in the world. I am a proud Canadian! You should be too.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Jennifer Thomlison, here’s the problem with your argument (and for the sake of Scott I will remain civil).

      These are not reasons to elect a PM. You think Harper is good looking like Kennedy? Okay, so how does that compell one to vote for him? It doesn’t. Kennedy, unlike Harper had charisma – a key component to attractiveness.

      Not apologizing for who they are? That could also be interpreted in being a bully or not playing well with others. Those are two qualities I do not consider Canadian.

      When did JFK have to endure the wrath of internet forums and blogs? Sorry Jennifer but Harper is a public figure and thus subject to criticism and ridicule as well as praise. You can’t have it your way all the time.

      “I fear for Harper because of the radical left-wing element in Canada much like there was in the US in the 60’s.”

      Calm down Jennifer. There is no need to fall into such paranoid rhetoric. Harper has more of a chance of being taken down by poor health rather than some fictional radical. Just because people don’t agree with you Jennifer doesnt make them a radical. Chacun son gout.

      “I think you will all be proud of our country and our Prime Minister if you start to look at things objectively. ”

      I’m proud of my country Jennifer. Always have been. Unlike you I’ve never felt embarrassed by Canada and find it rather strange and yes hypocritical that you would look down about others because they dont agree with you and then admit that you’ve been embarrassed by Canada. Who’s the “bad Canadian” in this argument then? It looks more to be you Jennifer and by your own words.

      Objectivity is a pretty funny argument coming from you Jennifer. Your posts are repetitive, contain no compelling argument for supporting the conservatives and have equated frenzied cheerleading with what makes a proud Canadian.

      Its different for all of us Jennifer and you need to respect others before you’ll be respected.

  • Alison S

    I am a proud Canadian, but find it really hard to be proud given Harper’s stand on oh so many issues. This is a man who isn’t remotely interested in little things like the environment, equality for women, medical isotopes, fighting AIDS, rape as a war crime. He interferes in arms-length organizations, games the electoral finance system, uses taxpayers money for blatantly partisan ads etc. He would be so happy to turn us into Mississippi; just read some of his speeches not for general consumption. I am also not proud that my fellow Canadians are so ill-informed about his incompetence in everything except political gamesmanship.

  • Ah. Comic relief has arrived.
    Thanx Jenny – I needed a good chuckle from the small minds crowd…
    “Just look at how proud people are”
    LOL! And The Robot can really take credit for THAT?
    As my 6 yr old daughter says – “You’re so sillllllllllyyyyyyyy”….

  • Red Forever


    Iggy wanted bush to invade Iraq

    You fucking idiot.

    What the hell did Stephen Harper want?

    You are a completely brain dead tory troll who never has anything intelligent to say EVER


  • Jennifer Thomlison

    Again, you folks don’t seem to understand that Harper does not need a majority to govern. In just four years, he has changed the face of Canada forever and for the better. Just look at how proud people are.

    All he needs is for the Liberals to be scared to go to the polls to get exactly what he wants. With Iggy as your leader, there is no doubt that Harper would pull away far ahead of any poll when there is a comparison. Many people are still unaware of Iggy’s history outside of the Country for 30 years. He was too busy writing documents for Bush to invade Iraq.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Jennifer Thomlison, Wouldn’t your cut and pasting of the same weak argument be considered spamming Jennifer.

      Just look how proud people are? It has nothing to do with Stephen Harper at all and is not an argument in your favour.

      You are far dumber than all of us believe aren’t you?

    • bull caller

      @Jennifer Thomlison,

      Jenny, Jenny…..

      Tisk tisk. Unfortunately if Harper had in fact played nice, didn’t lie and obstruct the opposition and attempted to compromise I certainly could see him successfully navigating another legislative session. Sadly, he took his marbles and went home to recalibrate, and there is little political will to keep them afloat unless it is of significant benefit – and since steve the “tactician” has burned his bridges don’t expect him to continue to govern ‘his way’, especially if his ministers are in contempt of Parliament. Lets see if the conservatives want to go to election on suspending democracy and failing to comply with the peoples’ house.

    • Ottlib

      Changed the face of Canada. What BS.

      Actually, the Conservative government has done nothing that cannot be changed by another government. Well, except for making the Duffster a Senator, but he is harmless.

      Stephen Harper is on track to be one of the few Prime Ministers in our history to leave no legacy.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Ottlib, I dunno, he’s left a legacy of creepy photos.

        • Red Forever

          What creepy photos?

          He’s our JFK

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Jon Pertwee, I wonder if Jennifer realizes we already have a JFK

          I don’t think Harper could grow a beard if he tried. Can cyborgs grow beards?

        • Red Forever

          Don’t insult the cyborgs.

          Personally I think a beard might be an improvement.

          A personality transplant would help as well.

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Jon Pertwee, A Harper beard contest. Sounds like a photoshop challenge

        • Red Forever

          Ok Harper get’s a beard

          What do you do with the rest of it?

          He doesn’t strike me as a guy who is into self improvement.

        • Jon Pertwee

          It is possible the beard could change his personality. Look what happened to Riker when he got the beard although lusty grins from Harper might be a little weird.

        • Red Forever

          I don’t think a beard would help his personality.

          That is beyond all hope.

          However what would happen in the tory caucus, if Harper with his beard became an object of desire to both Kenney, and Baird.

          What if they starting fighting over him?

        • Jon Pertwee

          @Jon Pertwee, that would be one hairy menage a trois…

        • Red Forever

          Well it sure wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

          Those 3 guys are enough to put you off breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

          Probably for days.

          I mean what is it with the tory caucus.

          Dean Del Mastro, Guergis, Raitt, etc etc,

          Should rename temselves “Losers are us”

          Poor Jennifer, problably will be crying for days

          Though I think. most of it will probably go over her sweet little ignorant head.

  • Brian

    If the Cons are indeed tied and this is Harper’s olympic bump….well then, this could get interesting.

  • Pro-Rogue

    Un-prorogued is not your word invention, it has been around and used for a while:
    But I agree with the rest of what you wrote.

  • Red Forever

    Bull Caller,

    The conservatives do not want to hand over the unredacted documents.

    They are trying to build a case based on national secuirity.

    It isn’t going to fly Parliament is the supreme authority.

    There are no statutes abrogating that right.

    I guess Minister Mckay better start boning up on his Dutch

  • Red Forever

    There are a lot of issues coming up, that are going to hurt the Conservatives.

    It will very interesting to see where Derek Lee’s motion goes.

    I hope the Liberals really push this and exert Parliamentary Supremacy, over the executive.

    • bull caller

      @Red Forever,

      Totally agree. I sincerely hope Derek Lee’s motion goes forward – regardless of what happens it will force the issue back upon the conservatives. A win-win for the opposition – and its easy to frame the cons as cowards using proroguation to avoid facing the music.

  • Core ReformCon support is somewhere in the high 20’s and has the potential to grow by up to 10-12 points if all of the soft support swings to Harper.
    But this growth is highly unlikely in the absence of a serious wedge issue, so I think you’re dead on, bull caller.
    The best that the CPC could do in the foreseeable future would be another minority which would mean bye-bye Stevo.

  • Guest

    An incumbent who can’t break the low to mid-30s is not going to win re-election, unless the opponents self-destruct.

  • bull caller

    I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot of “dead heat” poll results for a while. Those who may have been undecided have educated themselves about Harper during the anti-prorogue movements. I highly doubt you will see harper above the mid-30’s ever again. The best the conservatives can hope for is to somehow retain a minority government in an election. Given the other activity on the hill its pretty hard to see how any “bounce” for Harper is going to occur any time soon. A lot of bad press, and the harper PMO is widely recognized as having zero truth, meaning that if the 4th estate does its job, new developments on all fronts for the hapless mismanagement this conservative government has brought us in 4 years.

    I’m curious to hear when the next conservative leadership review will be held.

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