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The Conservatives really know how to handpick their chairpersons.

(or in this case, their presidents to boards)

Yeesh; This is about as flagrantly in-your-face to the critics of those charging that the Rights and Democracy board has been stacked with neo-conservative partisan ideologues as the Conservatives can get. The person they’ve picked to be the new president is even more radical in his views then the current chairperson, Ariel Braun. Check out what their new pick has had to say about Muslims:

The man chosen by the Harper government to lead the Rights and Democracy organization has publicly warned about threats posed by Muslim immigration…Gerard Latulippe argued that the concentration of immigrants in Montreal, as well as the “geographic concentration of more and more immigrants from Muslim countries” undermined “the proper functioning of Quebec society.” He then concluded that if Quebec failed to change the way it selected immigrants, it faced a significant threat: the “unnecessary risk of fostering domestic terrorism.” The federal Tories have picked him to become president of the federal organization responsible for promoting human rights and democracy around the world…He had been a former adviser to Stockwell Day when the current Treasury Board minister was head of the Canadian Alliance, and he also ran as a candidate for the Alliance.

Apparently, all of Stockwell Day’s former advisers or staffers are a bit “out there” (i.e. Ezra Levant; I’m half surprised he wasn’t the one chosen).


3 comments to The Conservatives really know how to handpick their chairpersons.

  • Ti-Guy

    “then the current chairperson, Ariel Braun.”

    That’s “Aurel Braun.” I figured I’d better point that out before some churlish wingnut does.

    …given up on “then/than” 😉

  • Son of a bitch… Conservative racism bearing it’s teeth again…

  • Gerard Latulippe is also pro-death penalty and a separatists.

    If a Liberal PM so much as talked Latulippe the Cons/Con Trolls would be reenacting the hanging of Louis Riel from sea-to-sea-to-sea.

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