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Ekos Prez thinks Liberals should force spring election.

In fact, Frank Graves, the president of polling firm Ekos, is quoted in the Hill Times that the Liberals would be “crazy” not to force a spring election, and lists a couple reasons why, including the fact that the economy will get better long term and that public distrust of Harper is growing.

I don’t disagree with the rationale, and I obviously want Harper gone too (the sooner the better), but in light of the events last fall, where the Liberals and Ignatieff publicly proclaimed they were going to take the Conservatives down, only to see their polling results plummet (and only recovered back to parity because Harper pulled his prorogation stunt), I’d be a bit more cautious and subtle this time around. That said, I also wouldn’t be publicly proclaiming our strategy on when we’ll vote against the government on a confidence motion; I’d like the Conservatives not to be always reading our playbook before the game starts.

More generally, if the Liberals see an issue or a budget which is personally unpalatable to them, that’s when they should be making their stand, and then explaining to the public why its unpalatable.


59 comments to Ekos Prez thinks Liberals should force spring election.

  • Red Forever

    Anybody out there.

    I guess the post of the tory troll speaks for itself.

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    I am not embarrassed. But you should be because you have just proven to everyone that you cannot put together one coherent arguement.

    My arguements are not worth responding to because I am right and there is nothing really left for you to say. I am sure you will someday see the light.

    • Ti-Guy

      @Jennifer Thomlison,

      You can’t even spell “argument” let alone advance one.

      You know, it’s not a sin to be stupid. But it’s a sin to be arrogant.

      A little humility would do wonders there, Jen.

      • kjmartin

        @Ti-Guy, You guys are so funny arguing with Jenn. I can agree with you that her posts are a bit off but as you sling the insults and negativity towards her you all (Jon Pertwee, Red Forever and Ti-Guy) it puts you all at the same level. Although I do agree with you guys that she should be posting at at Tory site. Another minor point, just because she has a different opinion than yours( conservative vs liberal) does not mean she is stupid. I know that for some of you it is very hard to believe that there are people out there who support Harper but that is the way it is. As a liberal supporter most of my life I find some things very hard to swallow that he does but I try to take a wait and see approach. Some things take time to shake out.

  • Red Forever


    I have had it with you.

    I will not waste one more second of my time with you EVER

    You are completely brain dead, and there is no hope of recovery.

    If you are the best that the conservatives have to offer God help them.

    Again stop embarassing yourself.

    If youn had any self respect you would stop posting like a juvenile 12 year old.

    Your arguments are not worth responding to, because they never make any sense.

    • kjmartin

      Easy easy..go down to your local shoppers and sit down at the free blood pressure testing machine. Take the test then when you get the bad news go home turn off your monitor and take a hammer and smash it. You are going to have a heart attack and is it really worth it?

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    Red Forever — I am not posting “Tory talking points”. I talk like a human being. A Canadian who in fact is proud of my country and my Prime Minister and is sick of Liberals dumping on everything good we do. We already know that most of you partisan hacks want to cheer against the economy and the gold medals because it would make Harper look bad. But your strategy isn’t working. This Country is becoming more conservative by the day.

    Why don’t you give a reasonable argument to something that I say instead of just calling me names? Let’s try:

    The latest polls put Harper in a nice lead. That means he has a defacto majority because the Liberals will cave to every demand. Argue with that point and you get bonus points if you mention “coalition”. I like it when you use that word!

  • Red Forever


    Bravo to you.

    You agree with jennifer.

    The collective intelligence of the tory trolls who post their crap eveerywhere isn’t very high is it?

    At least start trying to come up with something a little more intelligent to say.

    You guys just enjoy making fools of yourselves.


  • JD

    I think you guys are being a little hard on Jenny considering that she is 100% right.

  • Red Forever


    Once again another brilliant and scintillating post from you.

    Do you ever get tired of making a fool of yourself.

    You haven’t said one fucking thing today that made any sense.

    You are just a tory troll with talking points bent on disrupting real dialogue on this board.

    I would have just figured that the tories could have found someone with a little more intelligence than you to post for them.

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    Stephen Harper doesn’t need a majority to govern. He has got everything he has wanted so far. All he needs is a threat of a majority and Liberals cave. So this is good news.

    I think even many liberal voters are seeing the light after the Olympics to see how great Canada can be with a conservative (positive attitude) government.

    I am not slamming Ignatieff. I think it is great that he is learning what life is like to be a Canadian.

  • Green Assassin Brigade

    I’ve been a hell of a lot more accurate than many people regarding economic predictions for the last couple of years and we are destined for a double dip recession leading to depression. I’d hold off an election as long as possible because this slight glow of recovery will be extinguished by U.S. debt, defaulting states and cities, and the PIG crisis.

  • ck

    Update: I just heard from Brian Lilley that the latest Ipsos Reid has ST-Stevie back at 37%. Within majority grasp (Remember, Chretien won majorities with 37% and the Bloc to boot). Who said that the olympic gold medals would never have Canadians forgive him? Not only is he forgiven; I bet they thought he did well to prorogue so that the Olympic athletes, particularly the hockey team would win.

    Is this damage irreversible?

  • Red Forever

    Fred from BC

    You obviously haven’t been reading the clap trap Jennifer has been posting.

    Or maybe you have been, and agree with it.

    One does not know whether to laugh or cry.

    As for name calling, go up and read a post where she accused Michael Ignatieff, of being sad about Russia losing in hockey.



    I am so fucking tired of the conservatives thinking they have the market cornered on patriotism.

    Dare not question them or try to hold them to account on anything lest you be accused of being unpatriotic.

    The tories think the Afghan detainee issue is nothing.

    Again when did respect for international law, and human rights become nothing?

    Only under the Great Stephen Harper.

    In case you didn’t notice Fred and Jennifer, our international reputation is in the toilet.

    I guess you will gloss over that as well.

    You conservative posters do nothing but degrade and debase dialogue in this country with your vile and filthy antics.

  • Red Forever


    I have a lot of self respect, that’s why I am a conservative.

    You want me to see the light and follow you?

    I am a negative liberal.

    I guess pointing out your foolishness, and stupidity, makes me negative.

    This coming from the follower of a party whose leader is the king of negativity.

    Once again

    1. Start making sense

    2. Stop talking nonsense

    3. Shove the talking points (I am sick to death of them)

    4. Start making a contribution to this board

    5. Start acting like an adult and think for yourself

    6. Stop posting like a juvenile 12 year old

    7. Stop talking like an assinine tory troll

  • bull caller

    Jennifer is the classic example of the brain pool the conservative mother ship has to work with when sending out their weekly conbots. That pool is shallower than a tea saucer.

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    I have a lot of self-respect, that is why I am a conservative. I encourage you to see the light and stop being a negative liberal. Be proud to be a Canadian just like the rest of the country was last night.

  • Red Forever


    Once again you make not one iota of sense.

    Anybody reading your regurgitated barf would see that.

    Once again we all know the tory talking points.

    We are treated to them ad nauseum everyday.

    Try and at least to start writing like an adult, instead of a juvenile 12 year old.

    Try to start making some sense in something .


    Stop embarassing yourself

    It’s getting sad to watch.

    Have you no self respect at all?

    • bull caller

      @Red Forever,

      Deep breath red. Jenny is just scared at the prospect of another election that will render her leader a lame duck with plenty of knives in the back from the party faithful. The sun is setting on harper valley, friends.

  • Red Forever

    I am on official tory troll watch.

    Jennifer you are nothing but a tory troll.

    You never make one iota of common sense in anything

    Your writing style is that of a juvenile 12 year old

    We have all heard the tory talking points

    Yet you feel you must bring them here, because you think it aids your great intellectual endeavour.

    Honestly if you had one iota of respect for yourself, you would stop coming on here and posting and making such an utter jack ass of yourself.

    Isn’t there some tory blog you can go and inflict yourself on.

    Losers like yourself can never take a hint, and no when and where they are not wanted.

    Keep it up I guess everybody needs to have a good laugh everyday.

    But honestly have a little respect and dignity for yourself and go away.

    • Jennifer Thomlison

      Sorry but I haven’t given up you, Red Forever.

      I know you can be a proud Canadian and rally behind your Prime Minister too. A Prime Minister who actually stuck around his own country for the past 30 years. I am glad that Iggy was finally here to experience an important event in Canadian history. He actually missed the last great national hockey goal in 1987.

      You may not like what I have to say, but I think you will eventually see the light. I will not give up on you or any other fellow Canadian.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Jennifer Thomlison, god this is pure garbage Jennifer. Find me one place where it says I have to rally behind the PM to be a good Canadian. Would you do that with a Liberal PM or are you just another conbot parrot (albeit with less a brain that usual for a conbot).

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    Hey Ti-Guy — I don’t want to be number 1 on *any* UN list. I want to be number one on the nation that kicks ass and takes names like we did at the Olympics. The nation that isn’t afraid to have a beer and smoke a cigar just to offend Europe-centric organisations like the IOC or UN.

    Face it Liberals, you are losing. Canada is changing for the better. We are becoming independent, strong, and free. Mr. Harper is a big reason for it. You were right, he did change the face of the country!

  • Red Forever

    Does anybody else ever notice that the conservative talking points never change.

    No matter what blog you go to it’s always the same old crap.

    The conservatives have done nothing but degrade and debase dialogue in this country with their filthy garbage.

    A great example is the Afghan detainee issue. They all think it is nothing.

    Since when did respect for international law, and human rights become nothing.

    I am so sick and tired of brain dead idiots like Jennifer come on a board and debase everyhing with their vile nonsense.

    Message to conservatives out there smarten the hell up and at least try to start making just one iota of common sense.

    As for you Jennifer if all you have to offer is the same old crap, day in and day out

    • kjmartin

      @Red Forever, “QUTOE” Does anybody else ever notice that the conservative talking points never change.

      No matter what blog you go to it’s always the same old crap.

      Holy crap. Do you people ever read all of this blog? It is the same crap over and over again. When Scott trys to flog some non event and it gets very little attention except from his regulars he then goes back to the same old crap he always spews. Sunday here is an example. Here we are back to the detainee issue again. Although I dont agree with everything Jennifer has to say I do admire her patriotism and although we all dont have to agree with her, standing up and saying we are proud is a very good thing. It appears to me that you are all very negative. THis country has been great fro a long time and will continue to be great regardless of who is our PM.

      Jon Pertwee, perhaps you should try buying yourself a personality.

  • Geordie Tom

    You ignored his point that Mr. I is not getting any more popular with the voting public and that an election would be against Mr. Harper rather than for I. His points, the Conservatives will become more popular and the Liberals will not so now is their best chance to maintain their position.
    To me that reads as a condemnation of I.

  • Red Forever


    On second thought don’t try and make any sense.

    Keep spewing out those lame and pathetic conservative talking points.

    We have all heard them before, MANY MANY times.

    You would think though that they could at least hire somebody more intelligent than yourself to deliver them.

    Grow up and start thinking for yourself.

    If all you have to offer this board is very old and very tired talking points go on over to the blooging tories, where at least your crap will be appreciated.

    You just prove once again how stupid and ignorant people like yourself are.

  • Red Forever


    How much do you get paid per talking point.

    Back off cowgirl

    Do you really wan’t me to start pointing out the defiencies in the conservative crew.

    Once again please TRY to make some sense

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    Before Harper was elected, we were mostly losers because the liberal ideology was taking hold. Now we are once again winners and have the most gold medals in the world. We have the best economy in the world, and the best Prime Minister in the world.

    You guys should rally around this great moment and stop being so anti-Canadian with your insults on Harper.

    I have to give Iggy some credit for at least being in this Country during this great moment even though his beloved Russia did lose.

    • ck

      Our little cowgirl, Jenny is an example as to why we must encourage our kids to finish high school.

    • Ti-Guy

      @Jennifer Thomlison,

      “Before Harper was elected, we were mostly losers…”

      You mean, the kind of losers who, if not ranking no. 1 on the UN’s index of human development, year after year, are at least in the top five?

      You’re the loser, hon. But if you stopped drinking during the day, that would be a step in the right direction.

      • Jennifer Thomlison

        Hey Ti-Guy — I don’t want to be number 1 on *any* UN list. I want to be number one on the nation that kicks ass and takes names like we did at the Olympics. The nation that isn’t afraid to have a beer and smoke a cigar just to offend Europe-centric organisations like the IOC or UN.

        Face it Liberals, you are losing. Canada is changing for the better. We are becoming independent, strong, and free. Mr. Harper is a big reason for it. You were right, he did change the face of the country!

    • bull caller

      @Jennifer Thomlison,

      Hey Jenny – how about that harper funding of amateur sport anyways eh?:

      Only to have minister Lunn backpedal and promise to reannounce his reannouncements later on…..

      But then, who REALLY got the ball rolling on the funding for elite sport? Last time I checked, in 2005 harper was in opposition calling canada a second-rate socialist state….ah but facts don’t get in the way of Jenny’s “pride”…*gag*

      “Originally launched in 2005, Own the Podium 2010 was a national initiative supported by all of Canada’s winter sport organizations and major funding partners including Sport Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee and Vancouver 2010 – designed to help Canada’s winter athletes win the most number of medals at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, and to place in the top-three nations in the gold-medal count at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.”

  • bull caller

    Harper was counting on an “Olympic Buzz”, however his opportunities for little sound bites about the olympics (which were planned and funded before he formed government) never materialized. I think partially his subdued, almost sullen appearance at the public events, and his uncomfortable appearance next to Gretzky, and barely any emotion while watching a defining moment in Canadian hockey will not generate much mileage for him.

    He had hoped to bask in the glory of the games, but the proroguation protests and general dissatisfaction with his leadership style had his “people” tone it down. No “bounce” to be had for conservatives and as all the scandals that have been simmering away are ready to flare up again, the ‘master tactician’ has painted himself into a corner. The cons are damned if they do (call an election with the detainee issue, in and out, hypocrisy, massive deficit, chalk river, etc. etc.) or damned if they don’t (capitulate to the NDP or Bloc, stay in session to be crucified on outstanding issues in committees)…. tough pill to swallow. The conservatives will never form a majority government with harper, or any other of the conservative dream team set to replace him.

    What is also interesting for the conservatives, is the fact that they will be unable to trot out the coalition bogeyman again – so don’t expect harper to get the “ok” to form government from the GG either. Don’t be hard on Jenny, the conbots only understand what they’ve been told.

  • Red Forever


    I usually enjoy listening to all sides on a debate;

    Unfortunately I do’t enjoy your silly arguments.

    By all means continue to participate.

    You are good for a laugh

    But please start trying to make some sense

  • marie

    Jennifer, wrong again. Alberta is the only province that can take the credit of being a conservative, flag waving province and not a country. Go ahead, be proud of it because it might not last much longer. Spinning again blaming the Liberals for attacking the troops which is more than likely the Reform/Cons hiding behind the troops that your talking about. We support our troops but we do not support the control freak lying so called leader giving the orders. Albertans might support that because of the blinders they were born with but Canada is a big country and they don’t see the world and the current Pm like you duds do.

    Right on burlivespipe.

  • I’m not certain Harper sees the writing on the wall — I’m still leaning towards a ‘surprise poison pill’ in the budget. He just quietly ladled a lot of money in Quebec to targeted ridings… His strategy would be to take advantage of the Olympic buzz; going before bad economic news comes up to bite him (ie deficit, possible worse economic conditions — I don’t necessarily see what Graves is seeing on the horizon — higher interest rates and more foreclosures, anyone?), avoiding any indepth debate over Afghan detainees, environment etc, where he takes a pounding but can be diffused through a hide-and-seek campaign to some degree.
    That, and I also believe he’s more than happy just to play rope-a-dope with the Liberals and NdP; another election would weaken their coffers more than his, another leadership convention would do the same. I really think he believes he’s infallible, that his ‘all-negative’ strategy is a winner in the long run.
    Of course I don’t agree, but if i was Ignatieff i’d get infront of the ‘public funding for political parties’ bus right now and declare that the Liberal Party would give Canadians the power to choose at the ballot box whether they want to publicly fund political parties — a simple check box on the ballot would empower the electorate while not necessarily punishing the less powerful parties.

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    They seemed to have trusted Harper pretty well for the past 4 years.

    Don’t be sour grapes. This country has lost its loser attitude and the Liberals will suffer for it. Canada is now a conservative, flag waving country — and we are darn proud of it.

    The Liberals will continue to attack the troops and get all the blowback from it.

    We are great again.

    • Ti-Guy

      @Jennifer Thomlison,

      You shouldn’t drink so early in the day, Jennifer.

      Canada’s always been great. It’s Harpy who didn’t think so.

    • ck

      @jennifer thomlison: You guys should rally around this great moment and stop being so anti-Canadian with your insults on Harper.

      Since when is turning us into George W Bush’s Americana complete with Jerry Falwell,Kirk Cameron, Benny Hinn and Sarah Palin Evangelical Christian Fundamentalism so Canadian?

      As for the troops, Only the Harpercons and their cheerleaders in the Media are throwing them under the bus with that whole detainee issue with their silly GW Bush rhetoric of you’re with me or against Me..

      That said, those who have read my blog as of late with skepticism: our friend Jenny here is just an example of the exact type of today’s shallow Canadian who love shiny things and all that glitters is gold.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Jennifer Thomlison, geez I guess being considered the best place in the world to live in for 9 years under liberal governments is being a loser in your world. You really shouldnt mix booze with pills and computers Jennifer, you come off sounding stupid.

  • Pat Mayer

    The liberals have been doing much better lately.
    Harper knows this as well, he even looked rather worried at the Closing Ceremonies.
    He knows his time is up. It is time to find a new leader.
    The conservatives won’t ever win a majority with him leading the party. Canadians don’t trust him..period !!
    14 gold medals doesn’t change that !!

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    After the success of these Olympics, you would think that Harper would easily win a majority.

  • S

    It would really make me throw up a little bit to witness the liberals having to choke down something really hideous in that budget because they felt that they couldn’t win at the polls. Granted, it would be a tough campaign, but I would pleased to see liberals in general coming out to extol the virtues of diversity, multiculturalism, equality of gender, taking aim at child poverty so it isn’t just the children of well-to-do parents standing on the olympic podiums. I don’t want an attack campaign, but I do want someone to remind the public that that social security, universal healthcare are not policies that would even have come from the conservative party. You can’t be great and petty at the same time.

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