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Quite the juxtaposition

Compare and contrast:

Joannie Rochette, who won a bronze medal last night in the women’s figure skating, but would be awarded a gold medal for bravery/courage if there was such a thing.

– Helena Guergis, Minister of state for Status of Women, who decided to throw a tantrum over having to follow airport security procedures that the rest of us regular people have to endure. Apparently, Guergis felt that being a junior Cabinet Minister gave her privileges to avoid those inconveniences, and was enraged when that wasn’t the case. I wonder how the folks in Helena’s riding feel of her performance of late.

UPDATE @ 11:58 am: Hah. Great line: “How can Helena Guergis be that stressed after Stephen Harper gave her a 63-day-long vacation?”


9 comments to Quite the juxtaposition

  • kmartin

    I heard about this on a radio show and was a bit shocked at her behavior. I was not surprised to hear that someone witnessed it and taped it? I think then sent it to the liberals for ammo. Quite sad really.
    I don’t think resigning is necessary.
    What does that prove?
    I know every time a COn does something wrong liberals think they should resign or that some how Harpo should have control of them but if resigning was the answer to every time a politician screwed up just a bit then we would have no politicians.
    Harpo would be long gone.
    Chretien would have never lasted after he choked that guy.
    Iggy would be gone.
    HELL..they would all be gone!!

    Hmm..not a bad thought.

    • Gayle

      @kmartin, It doesn’t prove anything. Clearly the woman has a lot of stress in her personal life. Maybe she should just deal with it rather than take it out on innocent people. That would be the mature and responsible thing to do.

    • jon pertwee

      @kmartin, Actually it proves that the Conservatives hold themselves to a higher standard than the average Canadian and not bound by the laws and rules that we are bound for.

      Sure you could say “but but but the Liberals” but this has nothing to do with the Liberals. So no need to obfuscate then.

      • kmartin

        @jon pertwee, Gayle..the voice of reason. We dont see that much here!! Jon. I could say exactly the same thing. What this has to do with the conservative party as a whole is? She is a human who was having a bad day and she needs to issue a very public apology.
        Then the whole issue is done.
        ANyone who makes a point whether it is valid or not ..and then starts out next with a “but” in the next sentence Yes i have done it too! might as well throw out that original point!
        Yes i have done this also!!

  • Frank

    If true, that was pretty stupid of her.

    It seems no matter where you go in life, you’ll always find someone like this, and I don’t think this kind of conceded, self-indulgent behavior (if true) is exclusive to any one party: politics by it’s nature attracts this type of person. The question is just how well they can control their natural instincts. Anyone that doesn’t understand this, and howls like a junk yard dog at this kind of incident, can only view and understand the politics of politics at a cursory level … at least in my view.

  • Hey, I recall a reception in Ottawa where HRH Harper blew his stack and screamed at a senior bureaucrat in front of a room full of shocked people. Scary when that is the only emotion I’ve ever heard him express.

  • Niles

    or…resign her marriage and work on her cabinet position.

    how would that play to the Conservative base if one of their political women got a divorce? I have to speculate. sheer baseless speculation of course, what kind of pressure she’s under to publically support her man rather than kicking him to the curb.

  • Gayle

    I am not impressed with her behaviour, but I have some sympathy for the stress she is under because of her husband.

    They got married just as his life started tanking. He lost the election, Harper would not give him a job doing anything else, he turned to drugs and alcohol and got caught. (I am not trying to excuse him either).

    The point is marriage is not always easy, and when you start a marriage with these stressors it is even harder.

    She should acknowledge that, resign her cabinet position and work on her marriage. Clearly her personal stress is affecting her ability to conduct herself appropriately.

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