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Queue the gun lobby hysterics (as well as the ‘liberal court’ charges)

I think even most people casual on politics knew this before the Supreme Court ruled this way, but just in case anyone thought differently:

Today’s decision in R. v. Montague, 2010 ONCA 141 makes clear (as if it was necessary to clarify!) that Canadians have no constitutionally protected right to possess weapons:

[16] Moreover, contrary to the Montagues’ contention, the Supreme Court of Canada has addressed the question of whether the possession and use of firearms is a constitutionally protected right and has rejected the notion that Canadians have an absolute constitutional right to possess and use firearms.

I’d be interested to see the next gun lobby newsletter to its members after this decision.


2 comments to Queue the gun lobby hysterics (as well as the ‘liberal court’ charges)

  • Bob

    Trudeau the ultimate evil liberal purposely did that in the constitution. Brave patriots like Steve “Tim hortonater” Harper will not sleep until ummm something…

  • bullcaller

    What? Canada isn’t the USA??? I’m shocked, *shocked* I tell you!

    Canadians have the right to bare arms. T-shirts for everyone!

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