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James Lunney: church groups are being meanies, so I’m not meeting them

What a brave guy James Lunney, (MP for Nanaimo-Alberni) is.  He refuses to meet with church groups affiliated with KAIROS Canada who are upset at the Conservative government pulling its funding because of the Conservative government claims it’s anti-Israel (made by Jason Kenney in Israel, you might remember.  You also might remember Kenney isn’t even the Minister in charge of handing out CIDA grants to NGO’s – that would be Bev Oda, who gave an entirely different reason in the House of Commons for the KAIROS Canada grant removal).

The reason given by Lunney for not meeting these folks? Such radical church groups as Quakers, Mennonites, and Anglicans are trying to “intimidate him” (don’t forget about us United Church folks, BCL). Apparently in Lunney’s mind,  calling his MP’s office and sending him correspondence asking for a meeting is what “intimidation” means. I’m not sure what Lunney is doing in politics if he gets all hot and bothered over folks who disagree with him calling his office to express that. The church groups involved aren’t exactly extremists.

My appeal to Mr. Lunney; stop being a suck and meet them, and let them have their say. They won’t change your mind, and vice versa, but as their MP, your duty is to listen to all your constituents, not just the ones who share your point of view on things.


4 comments to James Lunney: church groups are being meanies, so I’m not meeting them

  • Willy

    The more to this, should be that the singly born christians should raise some old time hail and brimstone on Harper and the other doubly born christian, ideologues who have cut off funds and labelled them all racists. They have a platform to do it every Sunday.

  • anonomativ

    It’s all fitting into a bigger picture: Lunney, the R&D mess, completely one sided support in the middle east and this:

  • Tim

    Gosh, this reminds me of former Harris MPP David Turnbull calling a ethnic community group “a gang of thugs” when the press asked him why he wouldn’t attend an all-candidates debate. He lost the next election by 6000 votes.

    James Lunney, take note.

  • MoS

    Scott, there’s far more to this than you imagine. Lunney’s “Canadian Isreal Allies Caucus” organization is somehow affiliated with an outfit called the American Covenant Alliances ( Covenant Alliances has posted their manifesto which calls for the Biblical land of Israel to be restored to the Israeli state. What that would entail is cleansing of the West Bank and southern Lebanon of all Arab peoples. Here are some excerpts of what was posted:

    “Vigorously work for the resettlement of the Palestinian refugees to the lands of their Arab kinsmen in order to rescue them from the purgatory of refugee status and restore to them the hope of a better future.

    “Demand the Palestinian Authority disarm the terrorists in their midst, and halt all violence, propaganda, and incitement against the people of Israel, failing which the Oslo Agreements shall be null and void.

    “We hereby agree and declare that the Land of Israel is promised by God to the Jewish people. We oppose any policy that fails to take God’s word into account and attempts to separate the Jewish people from the Land of Israel.”

    Some might call this ethnic cleansing, particuarly as it’s impossible to see how this aim could be achieved without widespread violence. Maybe what these Jeebus freaks are really after is Armageddon.

    Lunney, of course, took his prorogue vacation in – where else – Israel.

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