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I love the retro 70’s look from Norway

On a much lighter Olympic note, the Norwegian Curling team’s pants are a hit. What pants, you say? If you haven’t been watching curling, it’s these ones:

The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants

Someone decided to create a fan page for their pants at Facebook, and they’re now over 313 thousand members. Not bad at all. They’re also getting widespread media coverage of their choice of decor, and that’s not bad publicity for the sport of curling either.

Most importantly, they’re backing up their fancy look with good play. They are one of Canada’s main threats right now for a gold medal.


2 comments to I love the retro 70’s look from Norway

  • Hmmm. The Checkerboard Guy who, IIRC, busked in Ottawa in the early 90’s, wore a version of those in black’n’white. He was always ahead of the curve.

  • Ian

    The fan page links to the site that sells the pants – at $90 a pair, I think I’ll stick with jeans.

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