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Use anything to make a buck

Never let it be said the Conservatives fail to take opportunities to fundraise a buck or 2 off of anything they deem could help them politically. The thought was perhaps the Olympics might be able to help them politically if Canada did well. It appears they’ve decided to be more overt about it.

Not only are they using our soldiers as political props, they’ve decided to use our Olympic athletes as well. It’s fitting that Mike Duffy is the one leading the charge.


3 comments to Use anything to make a buck

  • Alison S

    I remember Nancy Greene speaking in Vancouver after her Olympics win back in 1968 and thinking what a sanctimonious little oink she was. I see nothing has changed.

  • Stephen LaRose

    Why doesn’t the Canadian Olympic Association blast them for using the term Olympic in a partisan campaign? If you used Olympic to sell dish soap, they’d either demand $$$ for sponsorship or sue your butt …

  • Tim

    This is both hillarious and disgusting at the same time.

    Oh the other hand, maybe Munson and Rebagliati should get together and do a counter-video.

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