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Another complaint about CTV

On the Olympic Morning show on CTV, they always switch over at the top of the hour to their news announcer to do the “Top News Stories” of the day.  When I was watching this morning,  the “Top News Stories” today included:

  • – Tiger Woods impending (at the time)  pseudo -press conference
  • – Canadians being rescued from sinking ship in Brazil
  • – A zebra that got loose running on a highway in downtown Atlanta Georgia.

Maybe this changed later in the day, but I’m a bit miffed that the passing of John Babcock, Canada’s last WWI veteran, wasn’t considered “Top News” by CTV.  The last living link to the First World War now gone surely merits “Top News” mentioning, and I don’t know about you, but I think that is much more important then a golfer announcing again how bad he feels (getting caught) cheating on his wife multiple times, and the fact that they apparently don’t know how to keep zebras from running loose in Atlanta.


13 comments to Another complaint about CTV

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I love your website! You rock.

  • Carolyn Turnbull

    the lack of professionalism, particularly fr/jay enwright is astounding. so many spontaneous poorly thought out comments lather fr/ his lips, it’s like he has tourette’s. he keeps joking that he might be fired. we should be so lucky! has the man ever been in front of a camera???? dan and jesse follow up with more simpering, mugging and false laughter. it’s such a relief to turn to cbc. by the way, do you think that they hand out salad dressing w/those medal bouquets??? too many egos, not enough common sense.

  • Tom

    I have been watching CTV’s coverage of the Olympics everyday and today I just have to comment on the lack of professionalism by your morning host Jay and the two Much Music people. I am not a prude by any means, but these people are so immature and awkward to the point of being embarassing. Humour is great but they come off looking really goofy and as a result, so does your network. Keep the same format as your afternoon and evening hosts and keep Beverly by herself in the mornings! Show a little class!

  • Could somebody please! please! please! muzzle Rod Black.In case you dont know who he is, he is the guy who is covering the figure skating and just blabs on about it and doen’t give the experts an opportunity to really be helpful and informative. he is so rude that we are having trouble hearing any body but him. But alas ,you know the expression a little knowledge of something is dangerous or may i say very boring. A very big ego but very little knowledge.Also forget the past tidbits such as torvil and dean etc.etc.etc. nobody cares as we are all watching the present.

  • kmartin

    If CTV was more liberal friendly this discussion wouldn’t be taking place. Why cant you all just admit that your view of their coverage is biased along your political affiliation!

  • ASME

    Is Lloyed Roberson still saying “Cunt-ree” for Country. Isn’t it Coun-try?

  • What the hell are you talking about slg? I was commenting on the fact that it got relegated to the back pages of the G&M world section and wasn’t reported at all on CTV. Jumpy much?

  • slg

    Shiner – trying to deflect from the discussion at hand? Yup, we know about the Niger coup and that a US senator got caught in the middle of it.

    We can concentrate on more than one issue at a time – can’t you?

  • Did anyone else know that there was a military coup in Niger this week? It, understandably, got pushed off the front page by Tiger Woods and the sinking of the Concordia in which nobody was killed.

  • slg

    CTV Olympic coverage – a disaster, boring, dull, dull, dull. I’ve been watching NBC.

    Talk about Mickey Mouse coverage.

    Well, look who they have – Beverley Thompson absolutey no personality, Seamus O’Regan always looks like he hungover and just grunts now and then.

  • Christina Monroe

    I just got mad and changed the channel. I am not a fan of CTV and I have only been watching it to see Olympic coverage. The morning programs have been the worst. I switched to watching CBC until the actual events start.

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