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A lack of consistency in arguments

The Atlantic Coast gets hit by record snowfall, and immediately the climate change skeptics come out of the woodwork. “This proves climate change and global warming is a hoax!” they scream. Presently at the Olympics, Vancouver’s interior inland is expected to hit 16 Celsius today – temperatures they don’t normally get to June. Snow or lack thereof has been a problem at Cypress Mountain for a month and a half prior to the Games even starting.  I’ve also read it’s the warmest February in the Vancouver/Lower mainland area in almost 100 years.

I’m not seeing those same sceptics turning around and saying, “hmm, maybe global warming IS real!”,  because of that weather phenomenon. Interesting how that works, eh? We call this “cherry-picking”, as in trying to pick and choose certain weather events to support their claims that the science of climate change is wrong.


9 comments to A lack of consistency in arguments

  • TriestoTHINK

    Now look… Vancouver has had a warm winter.. warmest since 118 years the newspaper said.
    Doesn’t that mean .. that 118 yrs ago it was pretty much just as warm a winter.. PRIOR to anthropogenic global warming.

    It’s an El Nino year hear on the coast and that means WARMER.
    It doesnt mean the sky is falling.

  • Les

    Anyway last week would have been the poster child for global warming in Canada. “0” in Whitehorse. -16 in Resolute and above or just below freezing all across the country the day I looked at the TV weather. Montreal has been balmy all February.

  • kmartin

    Harpo must have done nothing wrong yesterday because we are back beating the climate change issue again.

  • There’s a rub though: At some point individual weather events outside the climatic norm will have to be blamed on global warming because it’s real.

  • Christina Monroe

    My favorite is the people who say global warming is not real and in the same breath talk about the northwest passage needing to be protected for Arctic sovereignty. If it is not real then wouldn’t the ice up there be just fine? Sigh.

  • the rat

    And warmists used Hurricane Katrina and an especially warm winter in Ontario. In fact, for a while there any weather that wasn’t absolutely milquetoast average was used by warmongers. I don’t recall a post then complaining about it. I guess you’re just getting a little tetchy now that your “settled science” has become rather unsettled.

    • @the rat, people did complain that Hurricane Katrina was misused by some to ‘prove’ global climate change. It’s been noted several times that weather is not the same thing as climate, and it is irresponsible for anybody to claim that a single weather event is the result of or proof of, for or against, the science of global climate change.

      You just weren’t looking for those posts at the time.

  • I call it not seein’ the forest on accounta the trees. Climate = forest. Weather = trees. Of course, it’s not that they don’t see it. They won’t see it. There are none so blind as they who will not see. Maxims R me.

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