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Harper playing (cheapshot) politics away from home once again.

Speeches like this to some of the Canadian military in Haiti is one reason why Harper has been described by many political observers as the most partisan Canadian Prime Minister ever.

He’s also the most classless, in my opinion. You’re on a supposed mission to assess Haitian disaster relief efforts (a mission that had certain journalists wondering if the trip was merely a political diversion), and you decide to throw in a stump speech how you support the military, and the wimpy Liberals before you didn’t?

It’s a good time to post this clip again from the Rick Mercer Report a few weeks back:

Courtesy Ted Betts, the key part of that rant is this:

“Perfect timing this past week when every headline was dominated by the humanitarian crisis in Haiti that the government let it be known – very quietly – that the purchase of armoured vehicles is now on “permanent hold”. Or what a civilian would call “cancelled”. Turns out, it [the announcement of the purchase of armoured vehicles with dozens of soldiers] was just a photo op. Perhaps, a new low in Canadian politics.”

UPDATE @ Feb 17, 8:56am: Seems at least 1 Canadian diplomat in Haiti didn’t particularly think the visit of Harper’s was very productive for them:

Harper spent Tuesday at numerous organized photo-ops but did not take any questions from journalists. His visit, despite his aides’ insistence to the contrary, has been disruptive, according to a Canadian embassy employee, who would speak only privately. “It’s a big contingent and so many of us are working on this when we could be doing other things,” the employee said.


3 comments to Harper playing (cheapshot) politics away from home once again.

  • Prairie Kid

    Mentioning Travers and journalists in the same breath is an insult to most journalists. He is merely a puppet of the Liberal party. You know it, everybody in Canada knows it.

    • bull caller

      @Prairie Kid,

      Yeah shoot that messenger, he’s nothing like Taber, Ivison, Yaffe, Wente, Duffy, all shining pillars of the 4th estate.

      For Harper, he’s cried this wolf’s name too many times. Nobody’s listening to him anymore. But of course you know that. everybody in Canada knows that.

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