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Alexandre Bilodeau wins Canada’s 1st Olympic gold on Canadian soil

…ensuring that CTV commentators will finally stop stop moaning about no gold medals (we’ll have to put up with commentators exulting about how Alex is the “first” one, but that’s at least optimistic and slightly more tolerable).

It couldn’t happen to a better young guy either; the dedication to his brother with cerebal palsy is very heart-warming. Congrats Alex.

PS – I still don’t like CTV’s coverage very much.


3 comments to Alexandre Bilodeau wins Canada’s 1st Olympic gold on Canadian soil

  • Alison S

    All this obsessing over medals drives me nuts and puts me off the Olympics altogether. Just let the athletes do their best, have fun whether or not they get a medal. Our national pride should have nothing to do with an individual coming first or last. It is just pathetic that people think it is. Our pride should come from the kind of country and values we have. This is kind of pride that is slowly being eaten away by the current government and PM. We had better stop the rot before we end up with a country to be ashamed of.

    • marie

      I totally agree with your statement and I am already ashamed of our what our country has become in the past few years. I am a total Olympic fanatic but the pressure that is put on the athletes covered by the Media is driving me away from watching and listening to the whole Media and the pressure they put on Canada’s athletes. I am tempted to use the mute button all the time. They need to go out and attempt some of the sport events themselves and experience the pressure behind the Media broadcasts themselves before voicing their unskilled remarks.

      This is my humble opinion and if it is not proper grammar, no big deal. If anyone doesn’t like it, then do not read it.

      My congratulations to all our Olympic team members. Win or lose, we love you all anyway. Enjoy the games, the competition but most of all, relax and have fun.

  • An awesome event and finish, can’t wait to watch the medal ceremony tonight.

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