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Conservative version of ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’

There is one section of the Conservative government that has definitely not gone on vacation during prorogation; the Prime Minister’s Office, known also as the PMO. They’ve sure been a busy bunch lately; when they’re not smearing respected law professors, they’re going after bankers and finance folks who actually know a thing or two about how the economy works, but who have the gall to disagree with the Conservative government’s narrative. They’re also throwing out hyperbole at opposition MP’s when protesters decide to let the PM know they don’t appreciate or agree with his ideological policies, and casting aspersions on former heads of non-partisan commissions they’ve let go, too.

The paranoid PMO is hard at work – there are many ‘enemies’ of Harper out there – but for their partisan masters, not for Canadians.

EDIT: On a related note, it would be nice to see a good crowd at the BC Legislature today to congratulate Harper for being able to find and speak at a legislature, but remind him he’s speaking at the wrong one. Some of the Victoria chapter of the CAPP group will be there to let him know.

UPDATE @ 1:42 pm: Ignatieff sends out a press release condemning the attack/smear on Ed Clark by Harper’s cronies (and by extension Harper, since he would have had to have approved the PMO’s statement release)


3 comments to Conservative version of ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us’

  • bull caller

    I received an email from CAPP Vancouver, they are organizing a bus over this morning and even providing refreshments. Alas I do have to work otherwise I would be on the morning boat to Swartz Bay myself.

    For anyone else who suspects harper may be in their neck of the woods, I have seen the gigantic motorcade this guy rolls in – its pretty hard to miss, including all the sirens from the motorcycles and police cars.

  • Anon ABC

    They have smeared so many that they may already be enough for a class action lawsuit. LOL

    Loved the cheeky letter from Iggy to the BC Legislature yesterday. Seems Harper is spending just as much time running and hiding from angry Canadian voters as he is from his fellow Parliamentarians.

    A “real” leader knows when to run and hide and send out his underlings to verbally attack others?

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