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It depends what your definition of ‘achievement’ is.

I was reading this blogpost over at Steve’s place about how even the usual Conservative-friendly media here are starting to turn on Harper and the Conservatives, or at least be critical of them and their actions, and came upon an interesting exchange in his comments section.

First, commenter and blogger Jesse:

The only thing I want to add (and I was thinking about writing on today) is that their outrageous (actually outrageous, not the casual use) abuse of process hasn’t been done to achieve anything. We didn’t avoid recession, we’re in massive deficit, and they haven’t even achieved the handful of things they promised. So what’s the point? Obviously, I think it’s all just to achieve a majority… but they won’t say what they want to do with one, because swing voters would run screaming.

This was replied to by Northern POV with an interesting take – they actually have achieved goals:

Reasonable folk on the “light-side” think of achievement in positive terms. Harper’s minions, by their own aspirations and standards, have achieved much:

* dysfunctional Parliament
* dysfunctional committee system
* no national daycare
* no Kelowna accord
* political ads (attack-ads) run outside of the writ period (with no spending constraints)
* court challenges
* independent bodies neutered or shut down (Nuclear, R&D, PBO, Elections Canada, Meat Inspection, etc etc)
* Tar sands expansion unfettered by GW concerns
* no environmental progress

In other words, their attacks on the national government functioning properly as well as crippling the national government from being proactive has been a major achievement for them, though arguably not to the benefit of Canada as a whole. To expand on further comments by Northern POV, those of us on the progressive side of the Canadian political sphere can only hope with this prorogation stunt they pulled, (and now the revelations they have been even more secretive then past governments in releasing information) will be the beginning of the end for this Conservative government and Harper.


6 comments to It depends what your definition of ‘achievement’ is.

  • Northern PoV

    Thanks for the nod, Scott.
    Jesse’s comment is fair as the Harper record is surely bereft of achievement in any rational universe.
    Harper can’t boast about what he sees as achievements, cause that would lose him support in the mushy group of voters he needs to add to his base.
    But he does boast to the base. There is a litany of these negative achievements in a speech he made to a Con group on Sept 9 2009.

    So it is important for us to remember as we scoff at these low-achievers …
    They are winning the game in their own terms and they will fight tooth and nail, by means both legit and dodgy-borderline-illegal to continue their regime.

  • I have been saying for a long time that the goals of the Conservatives was to undermine the long term health of our democracy in order to make it easer for the already powerful to gain more power and wealth and to essentially bankrupt the government so they would be able to undermine social programs with a ready made excuse. I guess others are beginning to see the light of this plan.

  • S

    In addition to the points made by Norther POV, I think that Harper can claim success in this: “Last week, Embassy reported that terms such as “gender equality” and “child soldiers” were being stricken from the language employed by Canada’s foreign service. From now on, diplomats are to use the terms “equality of men and women” and “children in armed conflict”.
    one specific example, the words “impunity” and “justice” would not be used when calling for an end to sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Instead, there would be calls only for efforts to “prevent” sexual violence.

    There is a lot of clean up that we’re going to need to do.

  • So how do we get those western die-hard conservative grassroots to even listen/read words of truth? You know the people that I am talking about, those who defend EVERYTHING Harper and company do by attacking the Liberal (Lieberals as they call them) and by quoting Harper’s PMO talking points as if the words were gospel?

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