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Best description ever of Harper’s prorogation mistake.

Realizing that prorogation was the worst political mistake since Pierre Trudeau handed John Turner a list of his friends to find jobs for, the PMO is starting to throw furniture out the windows, in a vain attempt to get the Langevin Block to levitate.

Courtesy of Greg over at Mr Sinister, who has a bit more following that great description on the PMO hoping cancelling all upcoming holiday breaks will get Canadians to forgive and forget their blunder. At the moment though, more new polling from Ekos today shows they aren’t in such a hurry to do so. Liberals have marginally increased their lead nationally, and lead in several key areas of the country.

The projected seats from that poll look nice too – nice if you’re not a Conservative supporter, that is.


4 comments to Best description ever of Harper’s prorogation mistake.

  • Thanks. I was looking at the big thing at the top and not the one lower down. I stand corrected.

  • Anon ABC

    Hey JB: You may be looking at the wrong part of the post. If you go a bit further down, this is what I see: Liberals – 121
    Conservatives – 110, Bloc Quebecois – 49, New Democrats – 28. I believe the EKOS projection today had the Libs at 122 vs. 109 for the Harper party.

  • TofKW

    JimBobby, you need to look down a little on the site, and on the right hand side. There you should find a pie chart with the label:

    “1 Poll Seat Projection EKOS 02/02/10”

    Lib-121 / Con-110 / NDP-28 / BQ-49

  • Ummm… Maybe I’m looking at something other than what you’re looking at, Scott. You’re linking to regarding projected seats. That shows the CPC with 136 seats vs. LPC with 92. You think that’s good? Granted it’s an improvement over the current standings but the projection shows the combined LPC & NDP at only 122. Even if the LPC were to miraculously take away all of the NDP seats, the CPC would still form a government. Yeah, I know, there are some BQ seats that might fall into LPC hands.

    Once again, we’re seeing evidence that FPTP robs us of true democratic representation. I floated a proposal for ABC cooperation last week and was roundly trounced by hard core party loyalists. Harper’s poised to win yet again.

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