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You mean people other then the locals actually can read what I spout? – various Tory MPs.

Seriously, I almost get the feeling Conservative MP’s who have been talking to their local media seem to think that no one else but the locals will read the local interview. Witness the latest attempt by a Conservative MP to justify the prorogation of Parliament; Ron Cannan, MP for Kelowna-Lake Country gives it a go in an interview with the Kelowna media:

For him, prorogation is an opportunity for the Conservative government to concentrate on the economy by implementing the next phase of its economic stimulus program and prepare a new budget. If parliament was in session then the opposition parties could vote non-confidence and force an election before those tasks are complete. “That’s what we don’t want,” said Cannan.

Ron’s argument seems to be the Conservatives cancelled Parliament in case the opposition took a Parliamentary vote – as they are occasionally allowed to do in a Parliamentary democracy – before they could get to their “economic recalibration” in March, so they decided to recalibrate without having to worry about those pesky opposition parties.

Quite frankly, with all the litany of excuses they’re offering up that has gone over like a lead balloon with the public, I’m not so sure that it wouldn’t be any worse for them if they just came right out and bluntly said “we didn’t like the Afghanistan committee bugging us, so we gave Parliament a time-out, and hope the issue goes away”.

(And yes, Conservative MP’s, we can read your statements you make in your local ridings across Canada. There’s this thing called the internet..)

UPDATE: Ha ha. A Maclean’s commentator in this thread wonders if Conservative MP’s are trying to figure out what the best excuse to use for justifying prorogation is:

They are engaged in some sort of contest, to see who can come up with the most absurd reason why they prorogued parliament. I am just waiting for “we all got drunk one night and thought how much of a drag QP is, so BAM! Here we are.”


6 comments to You mean people other then the locals actually can read what I spout? – various Tory MPs.

  • Dana

    OK…here’s where I reveal myself as a commander of the language police.

    There are numerous posts that I will not read if within the first sentence or two there is a blatant misuse of the english language.

    Could be atrocious spelling, could be horrible grammar, could be any number of things.

    I make allowances for people whose alignments I know are similar to mine but I feel a little soiled for doing it.

    In the interests of comradeship I request that you, and other progressive/Liberal bloggers make a special effort to appear more literate than the pyjama clad weenies of the Conservative hordes.

    Too much to ask?

  • Scott,
    Sorry to be a pain but there’s something you do that’s really been bugging me. You use the word “then” when it should be “than”. There IS a difference between the 2 & you’ve done it in the title of this post this time. 🙂

  • I think Dana is spot on. My MP, Gary Schellenberger (Perth-Wellington), told the Stratford Beacon Herald (7 Jan 2010): “When I heard it, I thought it was a good idea”.

    Not only a “good idea”, but a done deal.

    Mr Schellenberger then went on to say that he plans to spend two or three weeks of the prorogation at the 16-day Vancouver Olympics, adding, “If we are sitting, how do MPs get to those events. It makes sense that we are not sitting.”

    This, too, was picked up by Maclean’s – the only time I’ve seen this man quoted outside of the local press.

    I’m so very proud.

  • Dana

    To be fair to these toadies they didn’t prorogue. They weren’t even asked. They may not have even been told. They’re just trying to make the best of a bad thing. Not that they’re any good at that but there it is.

    That said I wonder if there isn’t one of them somewhere who isn’t so terrified of the little fat man that he hasn’t entirely surrendered his manhood.

    Not likely I know but one has to find hope somewhere.

  • Whooee! Democracy is dang inconvenient, ain’t it? Dictatorship is so much simpler. Goodness me! We can’t have those pesky elected representatives slowin’ things down with all their dang questions an’ due diligence.

    The idea that the CPc MP’s all got drunk and prorogued doesn’t hold water, sez I. Like every other decision, they had no part in it whatsoever. That’s why they’re all spinnin’ an’ sputterin’ these cockamamie theories. They’re in the dark as much as everyone else as to why King Steve waved his sceptre and shut down the HOC.


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