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Decima dead heat

Okay, so I know the official name is Harris-Decima, but that would make the title a bit more awkward. The Conservatives must be feeling awkward too. A 4 point Conservative lead from last week’s Decima poll now is down to 1:

A new poll suggests that Canada’s swift reaction to the tragedy in Haiti has not boosted the government’s popularity among voters. Pollster Allan Gregg says it appears voters are still unsettled over Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s unpopular decision to prorogue Parliament and aren’t swayed by the popular effort to help Haiti. The latest survey by The Canadian Press Harris-Decima suggests the Tories and Liberals are in a statistical dead heat, with 32 per cent supporting the Conservatives and 31 per cent going with the Liberals. The NDP were at 15 per cent, while the Bloc and the Green Party each had 10 per cent.

I believe that gets referred to in the polling business as “within the Margin Of Error” and/or “a statistical dead heat” (my personal favourite pollster saying).

Anyhow, this again proves that Canadians can walk and chew gum at the same time. They can acknowledge the government is doing what it is supposed to be doing with regards to the Haiti tragedy, yet still be ticked off that Parliament is suspended because Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative government wanted to play political games and put off accountability for an extra month and a bit, and then claim it was for economic consultations or so people can focus on the Olympics, or whatever other excuse they could come up with to try and justify it (while avoiding saying the real reason).


10 comments to Decima dead heat

  • bear

    Canadians would have pardoned Harper and MacKay, had they admitted having made a judgement error when they ignored Colvin’s emails, but trying to snuff the parliamentary with cheap “Sorry, can’t sit now, must go to sit in the house!” and ruining Mr.olvin’s career and possibly life by calling him a liar was just too much t bear. Shutting down parliament when the heat level turned out to be too high was the coup de grace Γ’β‚¬β€œ an act of cowardice. Canadians actually despise cowards.


  • marie

    Red happens to be the color of our Canadian Flag. Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and the Bloc came to the rallies with Canadian Flags. If anyone thinks there’s a problem with that, they need to get their heads examined. I did not see anything partisan except the possible Con plants in the crowds and it seems there were some which isn’t surprising as they have done that before.

  • Jay

    I saw many signs at the Toronto rally that were claiming to be “anti-rouge”.


  • Or you could have used DECIMATE in your post title because that is what Ignatieff is going to do to Harper’s government. Ignatieff is our next and best PM.

  • ffib

    I was surprised at how many people at the CAPP rally in Oakville were truly upset by the Afghan torture allegations. I was there for a whole whack of reasons, but it appeared that the greatest response was to the cancellation of the Afghan inquiry. Possibly from the Lib ads or polital site forums

    Yet, back in my office on Monday no one knew how to spell prorogation or for that matter had heard of CAPP. Maybe the country has just had enough of an arrogant government that has really not accomplished anything.

    The polls are good to see anyway.

    PS: It would of been a great place to wear a Progressive Bloggers badge. We should get some.

  • penny

    Let’s hope Canadians continue to wake up…

  • Big Winnie

    Now that we have had our rallies, it will be interesting to see if:

    A: Support grows for CAPP
    B: Cons continue to drop in the polls.

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