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If you dont believe CAPP is a reflection of public anger at prorogation…

..such as CFRB 1010’s John Moore who has liked to team up with Globe blogger Dan Cook in scoffing at the CAPP Facebook group, perhaps you and they will believe the polls show that anger – and yet another one released this evening confirms a drop for the Conservatives and a jump for the Liberals caused by – you’d never guess – public anger at prorogation:

The Conservative Party is holding a small lead over the Liberals in the latest survey from Ipsos Ried. In a telephone poll of 1,000 adult Canadians was carried out between January 19th to 21st, 34% said they would vote for the Conservatives if an election were held today while 31% said they would vote for the Liberals. The NDP would take 17% of the vote nationally, while the Bloc Quebecois would take 9% and the Greens 8%…The survey put the Conservatives down 3 percentage points from the last Ipsos-Reid survey in November and the Liberals are up 7 points. Ipsos Reid President Darrell Bricker says the gap has narrowed, “The Tories did get a gust wind in their sails last fall that seemed to carry on for a while, but the minute we hit the prorogation situation things seem to tighten up again.”

Ironically, this poll appears at the CFRB 1010 website – the same site at which Moore claims he doesn’t have to eat crow, because Globe and Mail blogger Dan Cook reassured him he didnt have to (and you’ll note they lowballed the Toronto and Montreal numbers, which is what we’ve seen in some places where people are trying to minimize these rallies as much as possible).

Another ironical thing? Neither of these so-called “pundits” allow any comments at their blogs.


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