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Helena Guergis says everyone in her riding thinks prorogation is hunky-dorey

A rather amusing interview from Conservative MP Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis today on the reasons for prorogation and how her constituents apparently love it:

Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis says the federal government’s latest prorogation was vital to give it a chance to “take a step back” to make sure it is on the “right track.” Guergis, who is also the Minister of State for the Status of Women, enthusiastically endorsed the closure of parliament until late winter during an interview Tuesday. She also dismissed the thousands of people who have joined Facebook groups opposing the move by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “I am familiar with that, but that’s certainly not what I’ve heard when they (people) come into my constituency office and we have a conversation about taking a step back and recalibrating and taking a look at the global economic crisis,” said Guergis. “It is important that we take a step back and take a look at the agenda and make sure we are on the right track.” Instead of outrage, Guergis said people are “pleased” with the shutdown.

This is just the usual Conservative talking points bunk their MP’s have been doing, which Guergis is the latest example of, but I think you’re seeing another example of the strategy the Conservatives have attempted to use here to try to blunt prorogation criticism. That strategy has been to get the local Conservative MP’s to have an interview with the local paper, and claim in the interview that no one in their ridings cares about prorogation or “supports” it. The local reporter is less likely to give them scrutiny then the national media are, so their story goes reported in the paper with their point of view without any critical analysis.

Unfortunately for these MP’s, in the internet age with Twitter and Facebook (I was alerted to this story as an example from National Newswatch), lots more people then their local constituents can see their outlandish comments, which I believe is what has partially helped fuel the anger nationally at the Conservatives. What might play in their ridings to some doesn’t particularly play to the rest of the country who hears what they had to say on the Conservative justifications for proroguing.

Helena’s riding does have an anti-prorogue rally by the way: In Barrie between 1 -4 pm, for those folks who’d like to show her not everyone in her riding are “pleased” with prorogation. For the rest of the country, don’t forget to check out the other scheduled rallies at No Prorogue’s Rallies section.

UPDATE: Via Section 15, Here’s yet another example of a Conservative MP doing the local Conservative spiel as reported in his local newspaper – this time it’s Conservative MP Blaine Calkins.

UPDATE 2: A local perspective on Helena’s interview over at the East-End Underground, the Enterprise Bulletin’s blog. The folks over there are as amused as I am at Helena’s talking points.


7 comments to Helena Guergis says everyone in her riding thinks prorogation is hunky-dorey

  • marie

    I wonder if Helen G is still thinking that her riding’s and others think its hunky-Dorey now. I wonder if this isn’t enough to get Canadians at the polls come the next election. I am quite sure the Reform/Con government is know cursing the wanna be king H. IMO. we will be seeing a lot more of the younger generation coming into the doors at the next election exercising their right to have their voices heard. They are well educated and know when they hear garbage like the Reform/Cons have been promoting the past four years is nothing but lies and a whole lot of spin.

  • Yvon Lamarche

    What can you expect from someone who is related Tony Guergis, the man that would have had us all drinking Walkerton style water. They are only buying time and soon will discover that the credit card has been revoked and the bills still there.

  • Steven Fishman

    Helena, Helena, Helena…She’s the new poster child for the NeoCon movement…I live in her riding, and I can tell you first hand that the residents DO NOT LIKE what Harper has done….She really needs to go as our MP, and hopefully the people of my riding will wake up and she her for the type of person she is…The Guergis name in Simcoe Grey used to mean something, but these days her and her cousins are heading down the road of defeat…Tony Guergis the Mayor of Springwater and former Warden of Simcoe county made a mess of Site 41 and paid the price, and his brother David Guergis tried to dissolve the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority, and failed….

  • What a poor choice of words:

    “take a step back” to make sure it is on the “right track.”

    So, if there were on the right track, I guess that means the prorogue wasn’t needed?

    We’ve had Parliament sit, while making budgets during World Wars for God’s sake!

  • slg

    Hey, she’s the one that’s happy – she can keep her eye on hubby.

  • Neither JimBobby, she’s just following orders.

    Nonetheless, anything that gets her picture in the paper is fine by me! Though attractive Conservatives make baby jeebus cry.

  • Whooee! That gal is downright delusional… unless she’s just a downright liar. Is it possible she mighta been samplin’ some of her man Rahim’s pharmaceuticals?

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