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Prorogation reform by the opposition parties.

In brief, the NDP are the first to come out with a proposal on what they’d do to prevent the abuse of the prorogation power. Steve V over at Far and Wide is a bit ticked that the NDP beat the Liberals to the punch, even as he acknowledges that this proposal from the NDP isn’t exactly earth-shattering in its scope.

Personally, as long as the Liberals release something that would be a substantial plank in their platform and more then just an afterthought statement, I don’t mind they come out 2nd in releasing statements. I just hope it’s soon, and that it has meat on its bones that could appeal to the CAPP crowd (Kady O’Malley’s observation that all the political parties in her mind don’t seem to know how to exactly handle this crowd as of yet seems to ring true to me).

I keep hearing whispers that the Liberals will release a democratic reforms package and it will be something substantial ; we’ll (hopefully) soon find out that this is the case.


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  • The LPC should introduce a solid reform package, one that is constitutionally sound, and corner Harper to fight an election on it! Would he campaign against limiting his own powers? Would he be so thick? How could he? Checkmate!

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