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No prorogue protests via text message

This is another innovative way to register your protest to Harper’s unnecessary proroguing of Parliament; by text message:

…we’ve launched a real-time text-messaging system that will also work across Canada for all of the CAPP rallies. The idea is to have rally participants (and even those at home) take out their cellphones and text their thoughts about prorogation to 347-614-2765. The software I’ve written will immediately publish the incoming text-messages to Twitter (@noproroguewall) and will also reply to them with a website URL so they can “keep in touch” after they get home.

Go ahead and try it now – send any text message to 347-614-2765. You’ll get a response and see your message show up on Twitter (with City name assigned).

More details at the post. I applaud the members of this group for coming up with some creative ideas for this protest.


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