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Look over here! A Cabinet shuffle!

A very perceptive statement from one of the news media outlets covering Harper’s cabinet shuffle:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper put a slightly new face on his cabinet Tuesday, demoting one minister, bringing in two newcomers, and leaving his heavy-hitters in place. Officials originally said the shuffle would involve only “tweaking,” but it snowballed into a larger operation involving 10 ministers. It comes at a time when the government needs a distraction from the politically damaging effects of Harper’s pre-New Year’s decision to prorogue Parliament until March 3.

Other then that, the only thing I have to say on these moves are that a couple of ministers who caused the most controversy for Harper (MacKay, Raitt) got demotions, even though Harper was vigorously defending them at the time of their problems (Oh, and I’m not sorry to see Peter Van Loan demoted either, apparently for lack of performance). It also seems very fitting to me that Vic Toews – a demagogue if there ever was one in this Harper cabinet (yelling out in QP that Louise Arbour, former Supreme Court Justice and serving for Canada on the International Criminal Court was a “disgrace” is what I’m thinking of specifically) – would get ‘Public Safety’.


5 comments to Look over here! A Cabinet shuffle!

  • What surprised me the most was that apparently there’s still no room at the inn for Maxime Bernier. That’s good, but I expected Stevie would find a spot for him to garner some more of those badly needed Quebec votes.

    But it’s still a pretty sorry lot.

    • Alison S

      @Canajun, Keeping Bernier out of cabinet is probably a better way to get Quebec votes. He is an embarrassment to Quebec. However, barring a miracle, Harper is toast in Quebec. Now if only the rest of the country could follow suit, we’d be rid of this disgrace.

  • Actually I like Mr. Toews and I completely agreed with him that Louise Arbour was disgrace in her role at the UN.

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Backseat Blogger, I’d argue that Toews is a disgrace in his many ministerial roles. I love when he gets all haughty when he doesn’t understand his ministry. Something that would get a pink slip in real life just gets a reward in Conbot world. Wonderful!

  • bull caller

    So much for the ‘brilliant tactician’… cabinet shuffle? Really??? Is that all you got?


    Hopefully the anti-prorogue/harper momentum materializes in the streets, get out there and ring their bell! The conservative war room is waiting to see if they actually have to spin something in response to the event.

    They are banking on poor turnout and fizzling of the movement. Prove them wrong.

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