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Some articles/data on prorogation

There’s a great article by Professor Michael Geist on the explosive growth on the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group and how critics of the group have missed the point of social advocacy today in the Toronto Star. Geist, as he mentions in his article, has had his own facebook group, Fair Copyright For Canada, as a barometer to measure against CAPP, and sees similarities. I won’t say much more about this other then I highly recommend reading the article, and I thought his closing paragraph was the best summary he could give:

Skeptics have pointed to rallies planned for this week as the litmus test for the effectiveness of the anti-proroguing Facebook group. But with polls finding mounting interest in the issue, the battle has already been won, suggesting it’s long past time to cast aside doubts about the importance and effectiveness of digital advocacy.

That’s not to say CAPP organizers don’t want to see big rallies in certain cities, but that’s an interesting take by Geist in saying the polls have already proven CAPP’s effectiveness at galvanizing opposition to an issue.

Elsewhere in prorogue news, we switch to another professor; this time a study by Professor Greg Elmer of Infoscape Labs, which is an interesting chart studying the blogosphere’s use of social media during the prorogation. The PDF file of the report can be found at the article.

Finally, an article by Brian Klunder on the actual makeup of the 200 000 member group at CAPP, and whether political parties can harness the group’s anger at Harper’s prorogation (hence my repeated harping that the Liberals should be releasing democratic reforms aimed at appealing to that group)


6 comments to Some articles/data on prorogation

  • Scott:

    Thanks for the link. It will be interesting to see what type of success comes from the rallies and then moving forward.


  • Kursk

    How many of these ‘enraged’ people felt the slightest bit of inclination to protest prorogation when Jean Chretien did it 4 times?

    Any hands?

    • Jon Pertwee

      @Kursk, different reasons Kursk, plus Harper has had more days of prorogation in a far shorter time. Chretien didnt do it to hide from torture allegations. Apples and oranges Kursk, though keep up the hard work. Im sure there will be rewards for your loyalty at Conservative HQ.

  • I wonder if this has staying power. I guess we’ll see when the throne speech comes down – my guess is that everyone, including the opposition parties, will quite happily let the furore die down such that by March it is not even an issue.


    • Jon Pertwee

      @junior, thank you for the conbot talking points, junior, you can got get your data update from Conservative HQ. Cripes how many conbots have taken to fortune telling during this prorogation?

  • EFL

    I came across a website, ,with some useful resources, notably banners, as a way of educating people about the essential issue, that goes beyond prorogation & Saturday rallies.

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