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Yet another poll release showing there are lots of anti-prorogue elitists in Canada

Ekos released a poll today, and again, the Conservatives and Liberals are in a Margin Of Error dead heat, as per Kady O’Malley:

Conservatives: 30.9 (-2.2)
Liberals: 29.3 (+1.5)
New Democrats: 15.3 (-0.7)
Green: 11.9 (-1.6)
Bloc Quebecois (in Quebec): 40.7 (+2.5)
Other:  2.3 (-)
Undecided: 14.0

Some analysis from Ms. O’Malley:

Any way you slice, dice, parse or dissect it, though, these numbers would suggest that this whole prorogation thing may not be working out quite as well as the prime minister might have hoped. Unless, of course, you heed those who are of the firm opinion that this has nothing to do with prorogation at all, since Canadians don’t care about that sort of thing, in which case I’m not sure how you’d explain it. The Afghan detainee controversy? The economy? The January blues?

The verdict? A good summary of Canadians apparent verdict on prorogation here, and the CAPP Facebook group has reached 185 000 members as of this morning’s count. That should tell you better then anything that Harper and his advisers who dreamed up this scheme have outsmarted themselves with this tactic.

EDIT: This is yet another poll result on top of the others yesterday that an enterprising  reporter could use to ask Tony Clement about the number of elitists there actually are in Canada, assuming reporters can FIND Tony Clement; I’m sure the PMO has ordered him to an undisclosed location – or at least, restricted press access.

UPDATE: At the bottom of this Globe article is an interesting bit of numbers to digest:  Ekos gives its seat projections based on these polling percentages.


2 comments to Yet another poll release showing there are lots of anti-prorogue elitists in Canada

  • Jon Pertwee

    On a positive note, there seems to be a lot fewer trolls out there these days. It’s definitely a welcome break.

  • Quit your chattering, you elitist!

    We have an arrogant minority PM effectively wielding absolute power over Parliament without a mandate to do so. Yet, in a pure Westminster two-party system, given current voting patterns, Harper would not be PM, he’d be Leader of the Opposition!

    Anyway, I’m chattering…

    So, how to Harper further down and keep him down? And how to take power away from him? And who is to get it? Does Iggy (elitist!) have the balls to form a coalition with the NDP prior to an election call?

    Harper still has a possible bare minority even with these numbers. And, remember, Harper has changed convention so that he can cancel with prorogation any confidence motion. He can prevent an election for several years, if he feels he must, until the numbers suit him.

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