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More Conservative headaches not to do with prorogation

This kind of blew up out of nowhere; you don’t often see a government appointed board rebel against the government like this so publicly:

Tory appointees ‘unfit’ for rights agency board, staff says

The entire staff of a government-funded rights advocacy group is calling for the resignation of three Conservative appointees from the board of directors, including the chairman. The extraordinary letter from the staff of Rights and Democracy – a non-partisan, two-decade old advocacy body – follows the death last week of president Remy Beauregard, who died of a heart attack following a vitriolic board meeting.

It lays bare a raging battle over the direction of the advocacy group, which some insiders claim has been subjected to a “hostile takeover” by conservative Harper-appointed board members. In a letter dated Monday and copied to both the Prime Minister’s Office and Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, the staff urges board chairman Aurel Braun and members Jacques Gauthier and Elliot Tepper to resign.

As mentioned in the article, the former president of this commission passed away after a very heated board meeting last week, and the forcing out/resignations of some prominent members. This may not get noticed much in the wake of the prorogation uproar, but it bears watching whether the 3 Conservative appointees do resign.


4 comments to More Conservative headaches not to do with prorogation

  • bull caller

    Just another day in harper valley. It is the M.O. of this band of conservatives to co-opt, usurp, and take over any organization they feel is unpalatable to them. There is no critical decision making involved its simply about being a wrecking crew to hard fought for initiatives that will take years to reassemble once they’ve left the building.

    Its very sad.

  • This isn’t a human rights commission, but a body created by Parliament to explore human rights and democratic development abroad. The Board, thanks to Harper, has been dysfunctional for months, while new Board appointees have paralyzed the organization, and harassed and racially profiled their own staff.

  • Ted

    I have mixed views on this I have to say and I clearly don’t have all of the facts.

    I am quite uncomfortable to hear of civil servants speaking out so publicly against the government. It is the perogative of the PM to make appointments that reflect the priorities and direction of the government. Our civil servants are so very underappreciated and undervalued, but their role is to execute not to oppose.

    Having said that, the mixed feeling I have comes from the fact that Harper is clearly two-faced on this. His background shows clearly that he strongly opposes human rights commissions, but he has made no mention of them in his election platforms or his campaigning and indeed he has said expressly “steady as she goes” when it comes to the CHRC.

    So to be surrepticiously undermining the CHRCs would be typically arrogant of him, sneaky/slimy and quite undemocratic since he gave us no say and presented us with no options.

  • Muskoka Liblog

    I bet you a beer these staffers are going to dissappear.

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