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Today’s edition of silly Conservative messaging on prorogue.

The first comes from Jim Flaherty, who completely contradicts Prime Minister Harper’s claims on prorogue being necessary to “recalibrate” the government’s economic priorities:

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says shutting down Parliament doesn’t affect his budget consultations – they would be happening whether Parliament was in session or not. But that’s not what his boss, the Prime Minister, is saying about the need to lock up the House of Commons until March. Stephen Harper has said he needed to prorogue to concentrate on building the plan for the second phase of the economic stimulus. But meeting with reporters today in Winnipeg , Mr. Flaherty said “prorogation does not affect the consultations” for the budget.

So in otherwards, Jim, you’re saying the reason given by your boss the PM was no reason at all? Thanks for officially confirming what most of us already knew.

The second one comes from Industry Minister Tony Clement, who seems to believe the 153 000 + 154 639 people and others who are protesting prorogation are nothing but “elites”.

Industry Minister Tony Clement (said) Monday that ordinary Canadians don’t consider prorogation to be a big issue.”I know it’s a big issue with the Ottawa media elite and some of the elites in our country..

Now, some people are going to say that he’s really referring to the academics/professors who wrote an open letter condemning the Harper prorogation, but read again what he had to say: he’s implying that no one who protests this move (ie. none of the 153 000 +ppl 154 639 + people at the CAPP Facebook group for example) are “ordinary” people.. ergo, they are all elitists.

This is more anti-intellectualism crap being engaged by the Conservatives and Tony Clement. Apparently, only the “elite” want good government and a parliamentary system whose procedures aren’t abused, in Clement and the Conservatives mind.

UPDATE @ 3:21 pmGood point:

Didn’t realize being educated and politically involved made me elite. I think that should be reserved for MPs w/ 6 figure salaries


5 comments to Today’s edition of silly Conservative messaging on prorogue.

  • Brammer

    OMG – listen to Flanagan just after the 4 minute mark!

    Wow…. just….wow!

  • Big Winnie

    157,650 at last count (18:16).

    Comments made by the government should help the cause.Now we need to ensure the people come out to the rallies and/or attend the planning meetings.

  • Brammer

    Tony has lost touch with reality. Obviously a new talking point memo has been released by the PMO.

    Most people have to work for a living. If giving yourself 3 months off with pay does not resonate negatively with the Tim Horton’s crowd, I don’t know what will.


    UPDATE: 156,590 elites and counting 🙂

  • bull caller

    Looks like the war room is on auto pilot while they “recalibrate” LOL!!! They are scrambling for something to steal the headlines right now, you can feel it. Be prepared for a BIIIIG Conservative government announcement to try to change the channel.

  • S

    I would love to take back the word “elite”. What does it take, really to be an elite. Keep an eye on world events? Read a few books now and then? Maybe taking classes after High School would make you an elite. Yes, all those elitist Nurses, Police, Teachers, Bank Tellers, Taxi Cab Drivers…. Is an elitist someone who thinks excellence in science and technology is good for Canada? Maybe its got something to do with whether or not you travel that makes you an elite. Visit other countries? perhaps other cities and provinces? Does that make you an elite if you get around? Maybe you’re an elitist if you travel away from where you grew to for better opportunities than were available where you grew up. Maybe you’re an elitist if you want your kids to do well in school. Maybe if you read to your kids, you’re an elitist. I wonder what it is exactly…

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