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Liberals put out ads attacking prorogue; Conservatives respond with demagoguery

The Liberals released a print and radio campaign today going after the Conservatives for proroguing Parliament (actually, they’ve been released on the internet today, and will be played on the radio and in print media tomorrow – also on the TV, unless the CBC news story is in error).

The Conservatives response? Over-the-top, as you’d expect from this disgraceful bunch. Apparently, the PMO believes that by claiming Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals are directly attacking the Canadian Armed Forces, it is going to resonate with folks other then just their hard-core right-wing base of voters.

Not sure WHY they think that, but regardless, it’s beneath contempt.


9 comments to Liberals put out ads attacking prorogue; Conservatives respond with demagoguery

  • foottothefire

    Maybe we can get Don Newman to do another pandering, gutless, down-cast eye, pardon-me-for-asking interview with Harper.
    There are two types of press in Canada; Gutless or in Harper’s back pocket.
    Harper should be crucified in the press for LYING ABOUT THE KNOWLEDGE HE HAD ABOUT TORTURE…(then too, there’s always the economy which Harper never wanted to address and now brags {with taxpayer funded Conservative advertising} he saved, but the press can’t seem to get that one right either.)

  • bull caller

    Just an interesting OT note someone I was just having a conversation with mentioned….

    On the Wikipedia entry for Stephen Harper it lists his birthday as April 30th. However, previous entries for Harper’s bio in wikipedia and other sites (yes apparently astrology based ones – but they still get their info from somewhere) clearly show his birthday as April 20th.

    Note this older entry in the wikipedia timeline from 2004:

    And it is edited on May 5, 2005 with a new date of April 30th.

    The original wikipedia entry is 7 June 2003. Almost 2 years this entry was carefully edited and maintained and then suddenly a new birthday – why for 2 years would such a polished political machine have the wrong birthdate??? This is likely to be a typo of course but I always enjoy a bit of conspiracy theories for fun – and to think what other famous person with the last name of H***er has a birthday of April 20th? Would their communications strategy really be to alter his date to avoid some sort of reference??? Strange bit of trivia hehe….

  • Derek

    It’s interesting how both the spokeswomen respond to the comments, as though it is absolutely certain that this brother of a cabinet member has the right to his own opinions. Thanks for making it clear, we weren’t quite sure!

  • bull caller

    Well, seems the conservatives at least for now are unable to change their tactics now that the game is different. Denial, dismiss, lie, and now attempt to attack dissenting opinions – same pathology as they’ve done on every other occasion. Unfortunately everyone, even joe public is aware of their tactics now.

    Will they adapt or continue to use the republican playbook? Seems to me its more of the same – which isn’t good for this bunch. Canadians need to remember that 2/3 didn’t vote for them, and therefore they are unwanted and do not reflect the sentiments of the majority of Canadian voters. They are on an island and the water is rising quickly…

  • Big Winnie

    Let me see if I can follow the “logic”:

    The Canadian Armed Forces follow orders and policies set forth by the government and the Department of Defense
    Said government (Conservative) created the policies for the military to follow

    PMO then comes out with the following and says Ignatieff is attacking the military:

    Mr. Ignatieff persists in this attack even though the allegation that torture was covered up represents a direct attack on the men and women of Canada’s Armed Forces.

    The Ignatieff Liberals like to pretend that their wild allegation bypasses the soldiers who captured and handed over Taliban prisoners — but that’s just not logical.

    Hmmm…What’s wrong with this logic?

  • Accusing the Liberals of launching a “small-budget ad campaign” is actually very funny. It just calls attention to how much the PMO/Cons are wasting — including how much public money — on their attack-ad campaigns.

    Shoot selves in foot much guys?

  • Pretty ridiculous actually. Considering when we investigate the RCMP, budget spending, fraudulent spending its not called an attack on federal public servants, cops, etc. It’s ensuring the correct oversight processes are in place and if they are not then making the changes necessary to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future. Nothing is gained by not figuring out where things have gone wrong. Cept for maybe the ones who had the ultimate authority over processes and might get the blame.

  • Will

    The Government of Canada should not be releasing partisan attack memos. The Government of Canada acts on behalf of all Canadians. The attack memos from the government should be paid for by the Conservative Party of Canada.

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