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The Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament surpasses 127 000 members today.

I, and no doubt the entire nation (or maybe just the nation of those who blog and read blogs) breathlessly await .. no.. YEARN.. for Mr. Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tory head and organizer of anti-coalition marches and FB protest groups last year, to now admit that yes, CAPP has met his threshold that he arbitrarily set as his marker to make the group legit (in his eyes anyhow) as a legit expression of grasroots outrage/protest.

I somehow think I’m going to be disappointed waiting – I suspect the goalposts are going to be moved by him.

UPDATE a moment later: Ah.. I see it wasn’t long in that last prediction coming true; in fact, Taylor moving the goalposts has already happened, courtesy of Jeff Jedras’s twitter feed:

He moved the goalposts a few days ago and said FB#s don’t matter they need at least 20k in person at rallies like his

Not a shocker that certain new conditions now apply from him. I’ll agree partially with Taylor; this does need to translate into feet on the ground at those rallies. I’m just more amused he decided to move the goalposts and added certain conditions before he believes this group is a legitimate show of grassroots anger at this prorogue move.

UPDATE 2 @ 4:42 pm: A quick scan of the CAPP FB group shows the numbers now at 129, 795


18 comments to The Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament surpasses 127 000 members today.

  • Paul

    Under Harper we have earned the fossil award at Copenhagen, transformed from a nation of peacekeepers to a Nation of warriors under the banner of the U.S. flawed war on terror, been complicit in torture, unnecessarily mortgaged the future of future generations in a rush to follow the american lead in the financial crises, and thumbed his nose at democracy by this prorouging.I could go on but if Canadians are stupid enough to elect his government in again,we will continue to get what we deserve. Kick the jerk out!

  • Salim

    This PM is a joke to our democracy. MY way or highway, Bully like tactics are his trade mark. He is not a team player. Actually he has a very mean way of doing business of government. He plays very dirty, mean, and destructive politics. He should be sent paking for playing dirty

  • Derek

    yeah but if you piss in the wind you’re likely to get pissed on. Not much chance of that occurring with a Facebook group.

  • kmartin

    Why the fuss? First of all Proroguing Parliament is perfectly legal..otherwise it wouldn’t be in our laws of parliament. Second even though I am not a big fan of Harper I think the break may cool things down a bit and get back focused on the job at hand..the economy.Given that really they are only going to get 8 more days off is it realy that big a deal? I recall not that long ago when I wanted the Liberals to vote down the sitting cons on key issues and they failed to show up when they were getting paid to do a job is this really any different? If this is such a big deal and to me it is not, after all Chretien did it 4 times in his terms then why didn’t all the opposition parties not try to form another coalition? As much as I hate to admit it I still think Harper right now is the best we have considering the rest.
    Having facebook groups and online protests twitter feeds and anything else is just a total waste of time. You might as well piss in the wind for all the good this is going to do.

    • @kmartin, You’ll soon be seeing a blogpost I did over at No Prorogue’s site that explains why there is a “fuss” about this.

      • kmartin

        @Scott Tribe, Ok Scott. There is a fuss. THe problem is that the MSM seems to be moving on about this. I dont like the guy(harper) in particular and I know i will catch some flak about this but right now I think he is the best we have. I have been a long time liberal supporter (through voting only) and right now I just dont feel that Iggy is the man for the job for the LPC. IMHO i think Bob Rae would be a better choice yet he scares me a bit after the way he ran Ontario many years ago. Our party needs some one with some new a fresh ideas to give the people of this country something to believe in and given this recession that we are finally seeing the end of I really dont think Harper has done that bad of a job. I read many different blogs from all stripes and I try to get a laymans view given my limited expertise in politics and to me this is what 90% of all Canadians understand. Your blog is certainly educational as well as others and the tory sites are as well but what i see on both sides is nothing but a mudslinging match to see who can make the other side look bad. I would love to see a blogging site where ideas could be discussed by both sides(civilly) and then the ideas could be put forward to some one who could make a real difference for the betterment of all Canadians. Some one said below that he is trying to avoid the detainee issue. In my heart I believe he is also but there is no proof that this is the case. Here comes more flak directed my way but to be honest that is one issue where I dont give a dam about what happens to the prisoners. Capt. Matthew Johnathan Dawe killed July 4th 2007 was a relative of mine. 5 of his friends were killed in the same attack. Killed by people who in the day fight our troops and at night sneak around to be our friends. They dont follow the rules of war and given what 130 families have had to endure I’ll bet that I could name 130 others who dont give a dam what happens to the prisoners. I know the way I think this is wrong but its war. War is not nice. Never has been never will be. It would be nice if there was no war and this would not even be an issue and I could change my view.

    • @kmartin, Having facebook groups and online protests twitter feeds and anything else is just a total waste of time. You might as well piss in the wind for all the good this is going to do.

      Same goes for voicing your opinion in online comments on blogs but for some reason, you made the effort.

      Facebook & Twitter are communications tools. Currently, they are aiding in the communications effort to mobilize pro-democracy Canadians to take to the streets on January 23.

      Why the fuss? Because Canadians have finally realized that Harper must have something really big to hide if he’s willing to take all this flack rather than disclose the Afghan detainee documents.

      Turning a blind eye to torture is the real crime. Prorogation is just the getaway car.


    • Mike M

      Harper is an arrogant idiot that has no respect for the structure within which Canada is governed. He continues to abuse his position. Time to kick his ass out the door.

  • wilson

    That is impressive Scott, almost 15% of the 990,000 Canadian university students have signed on!
    Those 100 or so profs that signed the anti-prorogy letter will be handing out gold stars, for sure.

    • Greg


      And when the group goes north of 140 K, which it will do, and therefore has a greater population than PEI, Wilson will say. PEI? That’s our smallest province! You must get tired moving the goalpost all the time.

      • Jon Pertwee

        @Greg, That’s awfully high for Wilson to count.

        She really seems bitter about people who are educated doesn’t she? Life must suck these days to be a mouthpiece like her/him/it.

      • bull caller


        Yeah Wilson, its probably nothing. Just keep saying it’s routine, and Canadians don’t really care. Its working real well for the conservatives. See you on the 23 with your “pro – prorogue” signs to really show all of those crazy facebook people how much you hate democracy!

  • Gayle

    Janke set the goal post at the number of views of the vid of Harper playing piano on youtube.

    Of course, as someone smarter than I pointed out, most of the people viewing that vid watched it more than once.

  • Greg

    Will he be the first Conservative blogger in the Senate? The world awaits the answer.

  • Laying odds on people who only engage in fantasy is always a losing proposition. But it’s fun to see them squirm sometimes.

  • Tell Stephen Taylor-Harper that we’ll have 20,000 in Toronto.

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