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Opposed to Harper’s Prorogue? You can now have your say

No Prorogue!

I made brief mention yesterday about the No Prorogue! site, so I thought I’d give it a bit more air time today, along with their neat graphic they’re using. Check out the website. You’ll find there are links there on rallies in different cities protesting Harper’s unnecessary use of prorogue and his contempt for Parliamentary over-site, as well as a blog, and the opportunity to contribute to the site.

I’ve noted more then a few Progressive Blogger affiliated blogsite owners have done some blogging contributions, which makes sense, since many of them oppose prorogation, oppose this PM and his Conservative government in general, and writing their thoughts on political issues is right up their alley. Some real good articles from them at the site, including this one from our friend Antonio of Fuddle-Duddle, who’s calculated how much money Prime Minister Harper, his Cabinet and his MP’s are getting paid during prorogation (getting paid with taxpayers money to watch the Olympics, as Antonio sarcastically puts it; he’s also posted that article at his own site here).

One note: people who wish to contribute an article over there will need to register/login at the site to do so, and your article will be screened by the administrators before it’s publicly submitted, which makes sense, since they wouldn’t want spammers or those hostile to prorogue – rare as they might be – to hijack the site.


7 comments to Opposed to Harper’s Prorogue? You can now have your say

  • Julius Bekei

    Harper is bought and paid for not only by the Americans, but also by a minority interest representing less then 3% of the public. He has destroyed Democracy, and became a dictator who could care less for the benefit of this Country and the 97 plus percent of the population. He has a ego problem. It appears that Alberta is a hotbed of jerks like Joe Clark and Harper. Unfortunately we have no effective opposition with Ignatieff and Layton. They all are out for indexed pensions and what ever they can fill their pockets and keep on lying. We only elect liars who promises everything to everybody fully knowing they will NOT deliver. Remember Stanfield who called for wage and price control, and Trudeau who opposed? Day after the election Trudeau introduced wage and price control. Throw ALL of the bastards out and start fresh that is what Europe did after the hungry thirties and it took corruption 20 years to return! I also object that Harper drags his kids like Royalty around the world and pays no taxes on it as “benefit” as we have to. Why does he not take some under privilege children, but he poses with them during election!

  • John Brenciaglia

    Proroguing parliament with so much legislation unfinished and with such weak excuses is a shameful abuse of PM powers, leaving all of us suspicious of the real agenda. New limits to this power of the Prime Minister should be put in place when Parliament reconvenes.

  • James

    I was taking a class in Political Science when the Parliament was prorogued the first time. At the time I said that if he was allowed to do it once to save his political life, he would do it again. If he is allowed by the people to contnue with this behaviour, prorogation will become a common practice and will make our government a laughing stock throughout the world. Ours will be the only disfunctional government with the GGs permission. The very thought of having the Queens representative, yes the same one he recently had a war of words with concerning the title “Head of State”, succumbing to the PMO to prorogue for several months is amusing in itself. Locking down Parliament is beyond amusing, it is pathetic.

  • Salim Chohan

    This PM is going too far with his behaviour of my way or highway. He is not a team player. His bully mentality is making mokery of our democracy. When will we be coming to the sense that we need to get rid of this bully. let us send clear massage to Steven Harper that we don’t like his way of playing dirty, mean, and full of treakery politics any more.

  • steve

    Hi there,
    I agree with you, this Prime Minister is a joke to Canada.. but than what has he done regardless what or when for us .. “NOTHING” . he’s a player to the USA and just a puppet like the rest.. put his time in .. tells a bunch of BS.. get’s his pension and lives happy ever after.. what a shame that it appears all over the world that people in Gov’t positions are mostly ‘ CROOKS ‘ and don’t give a damn about the poor people that voted them into parliament in the first place.. they should be sent to fight in the wars or their kids, have thier pension’s reduced.. and made to work even on holidays since they can’t seem to work during normal working hours period.. humbug to all of them.. can’t trust them anyways.. pretty sad state of affairs ..

  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the additional coverage. As I mentioned on Twitter, there will be new graphics coming for the site this weekend – probably based on one of the three posters that are making the rounds among rally organizers.


  • Morning Scott. Coming up with the little graphic was a great idea. As was the website. Will add it to my sidebar.

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