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Another Conservative MP claims the Olympics are a reason for proroguing

It’s Colin Mayes turn now to try and use the Olympics as justification for the Conservatives proroguing Parliament, with a slightly different argument in using it as a reason:

Mayes says there is also a practical reason for suspending Parliament given that the Conservatives don’t have a majority of the seats. “The Olympics are a great celebration and it would be a real conflict for MPs to be there in a minority situation,” he said, adding that could lead to the opposition having more MPs present in Ottawa.

You’re ALREADY outnumbered in Ottawa. Colin; you’re in a minority government, remember? Of course, the basic solution is maybe if MP’s stayed in Ottawa and did what they’re paid to do by the Canadian taxpayer – that is, work – you wouldn’t run into that supposed quandry.

Seriously, is this a real talking point put out by the Prime Minister’s Office to it’s MP’s; use “The Olympics are a good reason to prorogue” defence? I suspect that won’t win them too many converters to the pro-prorogue argument if they continue to try and use that. Somehow though, I suspect this is more Conservative MP’s winging it, which they aren’t really good at.

On a couple of related notes, the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament on Facebook has now exceeded 102 000 members, and there is a new website out there called No Prorogue! It appears to be run by a fellow different then the one who started the Facebook group, so I’m not yet sure if its an extension of the FB group or one that was put up inspired by the group.

UPDATE @ 1:36 pm: 108 000 members at CAPP; we’re closing in on Stephen Taylor’s magic # of 127 000 for them to earn his respect 😉


2 comments to Another Conservative MP claims the Olympics are a reason for proroguing

  • Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the mention of There’s no official connection between the site and the FB group, though Chris and I did throw some emails back and forth beforehand. I just saw an opportunity to take the momentum of the movement beyond Facebook and knew I could do it quickly. So I did.


    • @Colin Carmichael, very good. I see more Progressive Blogger affiliated sites have been promoting your site.. and I’ve also given it an official plug at The Progressive Bloggers homepage. Hopefully my description of your site is accurate.

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