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‘Democracy and Parliament are not being sidestepped — they are only being suspended’

That lovely quote comes to you courtesy of Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber, courtesy of Aaron Wherry.

I suspect it isn’t one of the scripted answers/talking points that the Prime Minister’s Office presumably sent out to it’s MP’s to defend prorogation.

UPDATE: I was just reading a commentator on that Macleans message board per that interview: he pointed out there’s also a part of the interview where Rathgeber apparently thinks closing Parliament is good, because the questions about what Canada did with Afghan detainees “will not create the kind of reputation that I think we want our international visitors to depart with.”

So apparently, it’s better not to have Parliament open and expose Canada to international embarrassment is Rathgeber’s thinking. So we’re now emulating China and other countries in censoring potentially bad international impressions of themselves by censoring dissent and democracy while we host the Olympics?

(Note: the 2nd link is an html version of the interview, if you don’t have the time or patience to load a 40mb PDF file of the paper).

UPDATE 2: Hah, BigCityLib sums up Rathgeber’s position quite well: Will Someone Please Think Of The Foreigners?


2 comments to ‘Democracy and Parliament are not being sidestepped — they are only being suspended’

  • Silent Sam

    I sent a comment on to the MP and got this reply. How nice of him to listen to all Canadians…

    Thank you for writing to the office of Brent Rathgeber, Member of Parliament for Edmonton – St. Albert. Mr. Rathgeber feels that it is extremely important that Canadians contact elected officials to share their views. Due to the high volume of e-mail correspondence, priority response is given to constituents.

    If you are a constituent of Edmonton – St. Albert: * Please resend your e-mail, [snip] so that your email will receive priority and a timely response.


    If you are not a constituent of Edmonton – St. Albert, please contact your own Member of Parliament.

  • bull caller

    What conservatives worry? Canadians aren’t interested they say. I wonder how interested Canadians will be when they find out Bill C51, the little bill about home renovation tax credits died on the order paper.

    Hmm, recalibrating taxes you say? Could be.

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