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Media double standard on what reflects grassroots support?

A question popped up into my head:

Did any of the media columnists currently going after the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (from here on in referred to by its acronym CAPP) Facebook group over how it doesn’t really show grassroots support say the same for Stephen Taylor’s group? You know, the anti-coalition group that got up to 127 000 members last December (and is Stephen’s target mark for CAPP showing grassroots legitimacy, but thats another blogpost).

For example, did Dan Cook, blogger/snarker extraordinaire of the Globe & Mail, get snarky at that group’s big numbers as well? Did the National Post do an editorial on how Taylor’s groups numbers back then meant nothing? Or any of its op-ed columnists/bloggers? And so on?

I’ve done a quick scan, and I see nothing of the sort. Maybe I missed them, and some others can find me those columns last year pooh-poohing Taylor’s numbers as showing any grass-roots uprising. If I didn’t miss them, and they simply weren’t there, or not published, then I charge some in the media with either being a tad hypocritical in their dismissal of CAPP and its growing numbers, or having a vested or not-so-vested self interest in doing so.

UPDATE: CAPP is now at 89 411 members and going strong.


11 comments to Media double standard on what reflects grassroots support?

  • ridenrain

    Bottom line is this is still a minority government.

    Both Dion and Ignatieff blustered, threw out ultimatums and then folded when the vote came. If all of these “scandals” were such an enormous threat to Canadian democracy, they had a duty to vote against them. Instead they put their electability and their party first.

    • bull caller



      “Bottom line this is still a minority government”…. – indeed it is! Therefore one would assume the party that sits as government at the other party’s permission would be more accommodating rather than acting like a banana republic’s dictatorship wouldn’t you think? No? Oh well I guess those rallies will just be non-events, then.

      Stopping parliament with important items still on the order paper, errrrr….such as the home renovation tax credit that people will attempt to file for come February for instance, and something about brown people being tortured and the Conservatives failing to comply with an order of parliament which of course is technically a jailable offence. But don’t let that stop your dear leader….

  • Geordie Tom

    just saw a group on Facebook called ‘When I’m Super Bored I Go On Facebook and Join Lots of Pointless Groups’. It has 162,286 members so far!

    • @Geordie Tom, Apples and Oranges. Political groups dealing with Canadian issues on FB rarely get into the thousands and thousands of people. The Fair Copyright For Canada FB group is one example – and that group’s growth scared the Cons government from implementing its proposed changes mimicking the US’s asinine copyright policy.

      As I’ve said at Macleans, the proof for me at this group’s power or drawing so many people is a grassroots thing isn’t whether it meets Stephen Taylor’s group numbers, but how many people go from their keyboards out into the street to protest the proroguing of parliament.

  • Imagine if we could also do a media blitz, and have a national address to the people like Harper did last year during the coalition prorogation crisis.

    So far, we have none of that, and yet are getting close to the anti-coalition counts anyway.

  • Penny

    I joined the Facebook group. Am just wondering who to contact in my neck of the woods where the rally will take place and about placards.

  • ridenrain

    That’s jumped to almost 6% of all Canadians who voted in 2006.
    Sadly, using coalition math, that means that 94% still don’t care.

    Will Iggy be back from Belize in time?

    • bull caller



      See the two polls released today? Clearly even your conservative brethren are having difficulty with the issue. Keep bashing Ignatieff and sticking your head back in the sand. Whatever makes you feel better, pumpkin. See you on the 23rd.

  • bull caller

    Not to worry. I think its great that the conservatives, helped by the media are essentially daring Canadians to take action. Funny how it will likely not require large buses from the interior of BC to pad numbers in Vancouver.

    I have heard from many people, who are not at all politically inclined, engaging in this conversation and ready to take whatever action they can. If the opposition parties can grow a pair of b*lls and support the public where they can, it would be a great opportunity.

    As for Harp, the game is up. He will never again be taken at face value for his word or trusted with his leadership. He rolled the dice with his political capital and got snake eyes.

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